Hey guys, guess what? I've been on the wiki actively for three years now and I've never made a blog post. Can you believe it? No? Yes? Well I don't care since I have no intention of making blogs that will ultimately make me look like a retard. But will this one? Nope! Misk is sick, so here I am, bringing you the episode review blog.

This episode adapted two chapters of the prequel (2 and 3) quite faithfully. There was some filler extension on some of the scenes, but it was so irrelevant that I didn't even care. Whatever gets us through the 24 minutes. But I have to say, just like the last episode, this was animated quite nicely. Unfortunately, I've already uploaded all the images for the episode, and I'm too burnt out to upload any more just for the blog itself. So on that note...

Teenage Zera
Have some of the 13 year old with the body of a 17 year old...

Yuri's lie is exposed
Some of the really neatly-animated Yuri...

Yuri and Mavis in the Judgment Field
Some of the awesomely-colored Judgment Field...

Yuri realizes he lost to Mavis
Some of the devious Mavis...

Zera meets Yuri
And some of the really cute Zera!

On that note, next week is an episode that will encompass very little, leaning on absolutely no, content from the prequel. It looks like it'll be well-animated, and kinda cute to boot, expanding on the relationship between Mavis and the treasure hunters. Well, that's all from me guys! See ya~

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