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  • Wrath022

    Sup guys! I guess I'll just do the review this week, which is all right, since this episode was pretty cool. For the most part, it was faithful to the manga, which is understandable since it adapted a 30-something page chapter. But can I send a shout-out to Lucy's tits, which were phenomenal in this episode? Like seriously, the whole thing was almost consistently animated quite beautifully (like Jason, for instance. He was the life of the episode), but Lucy's tits drew my every round, bouncy turn.

    Anyway, so it's a year later! We've officially, and completely, entered X792 with this episode, and we start off with the Grand Magic Games of that year, which noticeably lack Saber, Mermaid, Lamia, Pegasus, Cerberus and of course Fairy …

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  • Wrath022

    Hey-o, bitches and [insert other derogatory noun here]! I'm actually going to publish this on time. Praise me. ;o


    I'm not fucking kidding. Praise me. >:C

    Anyway, half the episode is filler, but it's otherwise enjoyable. We basically get to glimpse the place that will ultimately become the location of the very first guild building, which doesn't actually make sense since the first building was smack in the middle of Magnolia, but whatever tickles my heart. =) We also get to meet a Mako and Miko, the respective mother and child who own a bakery in Magnolia, being chased by Blue Skull through the forest. Mavis does some illusion shit, scares off Blue Skull, and then we get some more insight onto the devastation that Blue Skull has caused to …

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  • Wrath022

    HI GUYS! So basically I was watching Fate/Zero and Fate/stay night [UBW] busy all weekend, and have a lot of homework to do after this, actually, so I'm going to try and wrap this up as quickly as I can.

    Also, the black boxes are spoilers. I'm being considerate for you anime-only viewers, so highlight at your own risk. And down in the comment section, be mindful as well. :/

    Basically, a very high portion of this episode is filler, and it's not necessarily bad by any means (again, anything to get us through the 24 minutes). One of the filler bits that ultimately stood out to me was when they found the thicket of dead trees and brush, thus offering up some foreshadowing towards their inevitable meeting with , but given last episode's end, I'm su…

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  • Wrath022

    Hey guys, guess what? I've been on the wiki actively for three years now and I've never made a blog post. Can you believe it? No? Yes? Well I don't care since I have no intention of making blogs that will ultimately make me look like a retard. But will this one? Nope! Misk is sick, so here I am, bringing you the episode review blog.

    This episode adapted two chapters of the prequel (2 and 3) quite faithfully. There was some filler extension on some of the scenes, but it was so irrelevant that I didn't even care. Whatever gets us through the 24 minutes. But I have to say, just like the last episode, this was animated quite nicely. Unfortunately, I've already uploaded all the images for the episode, and I'm too burnt out to upload any more jus…

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