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  • Wrath022

    Hey-o guys! It's Saturday, and that means more illegal scans! XP

    All jokes aside, this chapter was all around solid, gotta say! ...But glaring issues do exist regardless. Let's start with the girls shitting their pants, eh? Wendy looks like she's gonna pee herself, and I like that Erza didn't know who Acnologia was. I thought she was going to magically figure it out right away because she does other things she logically shouldn't be able to do. But then...things get serious. Acnologia somehow figures out that Irene is the mother of all Dragon Slayers (despite never smelling her dragon scent to begin with, or really having any interaction that would hint this), but then he decides that Irene is one of his sins. I assume this means that he is…

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  • Wrath022

    Saturday releases aren't too bad. Just remember: no chapter information on articles until the chapter is released on MangaStream, or Crunchyroll/Comixology. No exceptions!

    Cover is Wendy in Irene's clothes. Which actually works for her. Curse you Japan for fetish-izing 13-year-olds.

    So this chapter, while not good, is nowhere near as monumentally horrendous as the preceding one. Also, can I point out that unlike the last one, this one has humor that lifts it up, with both Wendy and Irene making jokes about their new breast sizes (Wendy making two of them, in particular). Anyway, we get some stuff out of this chapter, like Wendy having the potential to be on Irene's level of power. Initially I had problems with some developments herein, but t…

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  • Wrath022

    Okay, so let's start with the fact that this was also supposed to be a double issue, the actual issue for this week goes on sale on Wednesday, the 28 of December. Chapter 516 isn't supposed to come out, if I'm right (pending a reply from Mangastream, or tomorrow's raws) until January 11, 2017 if it is. If I'm wrong, it is supposed to be January 4. Either way, do you see how fucked up that is? Yes? No? Whatever. I'm annoyed already because of how massively and blatantly illegal this is, but since there's no stopping Yonkou shit from getting on the wiki, here it is.

    Sooooo the cover is just Lucy again. She may be my third favorite female character, but the covers are starting to annoy me with how simple they are. They're all predominantly the same.…

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  • Wrath022

    Sup guys! I guess I'll just do the review this week, which is all right, since this episode was pretty cool. For the most part, it was faithful to the manga, which is understandable since it adapted a 30-something page chapter. But can I send a shout-out to Lucy's tits, which were phenomenal in this episode? Like seriously, the whole thing was almost consistently animated quite beautifully (like Jason, for instance. He was the life of the episode), but Lucy's tits drew my every round, bouncy turn.

    Anyway, so it's a year later! We've officially, and completely, entered X792 with this episode, and we start off with the Grand Magic Games of that year, which noticeably lack Saber, Mermaid, Lamia, Pegasus, Cerberus and of course Fairy …

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  • Wrath022

    Hey-o, bitches and [insert other derogatory noun here]! I'm actually going to publish this on time. Praise me. ;o


    I'm not fucking kidding. Praise me. >:C

    Anyway, half the episode is filler, but it's otherwise enjoyable. We basically get to glimpse the place that will ultimately become the location of the very first guild building, which doesn't actually make sense since the first building was smack in the middle of Magnolia, but whatever tickles my heart. =) We also get to meet a Mako and Miko, the respective mother and child who own a bakery in Magnolia, being chased by Blue Skull through the forest. Mavis does some illusion shit, scares off Blue Skull, and then we get some more insight onto the devastation that Blue Skull has caused to …

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