At the start of the chapter, we see Kyouka report to Marde that several Demon Gates got defeated and that Face failed. Marde notifies her of Sayla's defeat and Hell's Core being destroyed by Mira, which Kyouka wasn't aware of.
He then decides to punish her for playing around with humans and states that END can't be revived yet, apparently Igneel did a number on him after all. They need more "curse power" for the revival.
Warren then uses his telepathy to communicate with everyone, so now everyone knows Mira is safe and Face was stopped by Wendy and Charla.
Happy then notifies Makarov that Precht told them to use Lumen Histoire, but before they can discuss some more on LH, Marde decides to hijack Warren's mind/ability and tells FT that they're gonna die now.
Marde then activates Alegria and Cube subsequently absorbs all FT members and the Tartarus fodder.
By now, Kyouka's helmet is broken and her hair is partially revealed, she still seems to have that bunny ear (so it wasn't a decoration of the helmet) and I dare say she somewhat resembles Lucy, so bring on the theories that she's Layla reincarnated as a Demon!
Anyway, Cube has transformed into a tentacled fish and by now most FT members look like they belong in Madame Tussauds. However, one FT member has escaped Alegria and for a minute I thought it would be Gray, due to his potential Demon lineage and the fact that the "top-tier" Demons aren't effected by Alegria.
Turns out the fortunate person is Lucy, Marde states there's a one in a billion chance to escape and that she's lucky...or perhaps unlucky?
So it seems that it's all down to Lucy and perhaps Doranbolt and Wendy if they would get back in time. Now is a good time for Lucy to shine, though I wouldn't know what she could do about this situation.

Overall, it was a good chapter and I'd like to see how Lucy will try to save the FT members while dodging several homicidal Demon Gates lingering around.

On a side note, is it just me or hasn't there been a prediction blog in a while now?

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