• Woest

    After talking to some people and reading several comments made by other users, it seems that I'm not the only one growing increasingly more annoyed with Erza's flame pants.
    However, it did make me wonder: is the hatred towards the flame pants due to the way Erza's character is supposed to be, namely an armour-using character?
    Could these flame pants have been great had the author put in some more effort to have Erza go through some character development?
    Let me list my opinions on the flame pants and how I would've handled Erza's character development to make the flame pants accepted rather than hated by the readers.

    It all started with the Erza vs Ikaruga fight. There, her armours got destroyed and she focused everything on attack while weari…

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  • Woest

    I was thinking about how Slayers (Dragon/God/Devil) can't consume their own magic. I wonder how this works: can't they consume magic generated by their own body or can't they consume the exact same magic they possess?

    Allow me to give an example to make it more clear.
    Let's say Natsu learns Macao's Purple Flare, which is of course a Fire-based magic.
    Now, Natsu can't eat his own flames, but how does this work? Can't he eat any fire magic (Fire Dragon Slayer, Purple Flare or any other Fire magic) that he himself uses? If this is the case, then he can't eat magic generated by his own body.
    Or can't he eat the exact same magic as the one he possesses? Let's say Igneel raised 2 students who of course both know Fire Dragon Slayer magic, would they…

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  • Woest

    Chapter 382: Alegria

    April 28, 2014 by Woest

    At the start of the chapter, we see Kyouka report to Marde that several Demon Gates got defeated and that Face failed. Marde notifies her of Sayla's defeat and Hell's Core being destroyed by Mira, which Kyouka wasn't aware of.
    He then decides to punish her for playing around with humans and states that END can't be revived yet, apparently Igneel did a number on him after all. They need more "curse power" for the revival.
    Warren then uses his telepathy to communicate with everyone, so now everyone knows Mira is safe and Face was stopped by Wendy and Charla.
    Happy then notifies Makarov that Precht told them to use Lumen Histoire, but before they can discuss some more on LH, Marde decides to hijack Warren's mind/ability and tells FT that they'r…

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  • Woest

    In this blog, I'll elaborate on my theory concerning Lumen Histoire.
    After thinking about the possible nature of Lumen Histoire, I arrived at the conclusion that Lumen Histoire may be one of the Books of Zeref or that it is derived from Zeref's Books.
    So far, only a few comments have been made about Lumen Histoire, so let's analyze them.

    Makarov stated that it was the Guild's "Darkness" and even called it the "dirty secret" of FT, while also revealing that it was what Mavis wrote about the true nature of their Guild. This really intrigues me as Lumen Histoire was called the Guild's "Light" by Mavis.
    The possible explanation I can think of here is that Makarov doesn't know all there is to know about Lumen Histoire and that he just knows that L…

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    Celestial Spirit King and Zeref

    December 15, 2013 by Woest

    Allright, I've been thinking about the Celestial Spirits for a day and came up with an idea.

    The Eclipse Gate was something from the Book of Zeref and this Gate was connected to the 12 Golden Zodiac Keys. This proves Zeref was at least aware of the Golden Keys around the time he developped the Eclipse Gate.

    While thinking about the origin of the Celestial Keys, I figured that the first keys were likely created by the Sprits themselves and given to those they deemed worthy, then over the course of time they were passed from one human to the next. Since Zeref is often linked to the origin of magic, it could've been him who first learned about the existence of the Spirit Realm and its inhabitants. Perhaps he had several Golden Keys at one point…

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