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Hey so I'm new of course, I'm not here to start a hello blog, cause as much as I've read it's a friendly wiki, I've also equally have read how much Noobs are hated, and since this is my first time on a wiki I'd rather not start an unfortunate argument, where a Fairy Tail Fan cannot introduce themselves without mean snipes and stay off wiki's for the rest of my life because of it :P But anyways I've been of course up-to date with all the chapters and I've realized Hiro has pattern of showcasing the weaker fighters in the series first, I'm really a big Wendy Fan and I can't wait to see how the second container has up up her skills, hopefully in the battle department, I've seen people say she'd be perfect in a Tag battle which is true....But I'd love seeing a single battle with her :D and all these other characters are amazingly fascinating! I can't wait to see what kind of Dragon Slayers Rogue and Sting are, it's killing me! I want to see them in action ASAP! But as the king said, they'll be saved for last, Anyone got interesting ideas or predictions on future battle set-ups or wants? I think seeing Wendy face Sherry's sister could happen...they're both young girls and she didn't replace Sherry for nothing, and she even had a similar attitude to Wendy! Of course I know there aren't as many Wendy fans out there as other characters, but I LOVE just about all the characters and what to see what other think! :D Or if any special battles like Mirajane's could be foreseen, or just any fantasied EPIC battles that you're imagining cause we ALL do that! ;) The battles are the best part of this tournament ohhhh but because I didn't say it before...Hello! :) I do hope we can get along!

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