aka Luis

  • I live in Florida
  • I was born on October 13
  • My occupation is HighSchoolStudent
  • I am Male
  • WendaLue13

    Oh dear......been over a week of just NOOOO keeping up with my gulid because of my mission trip! New York was amazing and it was such a good experience, all the sights and work we did, I can't even get over itttttt but I MISSED YOU ALL! Has anything SUPAH happened??! Anymore weddings or such? Big Bad drama D: or Happy Bonding times? Hahaa, I've seen a couple of the big stuff like Yummy's awesome theory blog and such, But I justtt got wifi and I read the 2 mangas I missed, and I'm about to start watching the episodes here at work :P But I can't help but check if there's been a big developments here on the wiki :D AHHHHHHH, It feels good being back on here!

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  • WendaLue13

    So this signature thing is not working out for me....I know it's troublesome but can I get some assistance on how to actually do this? I followed the signature pagebut obviously I messed up somewhere or I'm just not entering it the correct way and I've tried all my newly-wiki mind can think of -__- It's aggrivating

    Especially because I actually have a Sig that has 1 after Sig and just a Sig one it is...I know it's got a look at least

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  • WendaLue13

    Future Battles :D

    April 20, 2012 by WendaLue13

    Hey so I'm new of course, I'm not here to start a hello blog, cause as much as I've read it's a friendly wiki, I've also equally have read how much Noobs are hated, and since this is my first time on a wiki I'd rather not start an unfortunate argument, where a Fairy Tail Fan cannot introduce themselves without mean snipes and stay off wiki's for the rest of my life because of it :P But anyways I've been of course up-to date with all the chapters and I've realized Hiro has pattern of showcasing the weaker fighters in the series first, I'm really a big Wendy Fan and I can't wait to see how the second container has up up her skills, hopefully in the battle department, I've seen people say she'd be perfect in a Tag battle which is true....But …

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