• We need Dinozord Power! Now!

    I thought of something and decided to make a proper blog about it, so everyone can decide if my reasoning is possible or rubbish.

    The idea I had: perhaps Lumen Histoire is Mavis’ Demonified corpse!

    Before you all start questioning my mental sanity, let me give some ideas which may make it possible.

    Zeref and Mavis obviously knew eachother, as seen in FT Zero, perhaps Zeref was impressed with her talent for Magic (impressive illusions, ability to use Law) and he may even have fallen in love with her.

    Perhaps Zeref’s Curse killed Mavis, and he couldn’t bear to lose another loved one (after losing natsu, his brother) and then he decided to make Mavis into a replacement for END.

    Afterall, natsu wasn’t seen or mentioned during FT Zero, so perhaps he…

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