Welcome ladies and gentlemen to the second round of our DREAM BATTLE CHRONICLES!

This week's dream battle: "Light shines, Darkness engulfs!"

We just recently found out that they know each other and possibly had a certain connection. We already know that this two mages were legends. We witnessed their prowess in using magic way beyond our imagination. And we have been amazed on how much powers they possesses in order for them to earn the titles, Fairy Tail's First Guild Master and the most evil Dark Mage in history.

Kneel down before our Dream Battle contingents:


Mavis appears
Zeref Avatar

In this battle, let's assume that Mavis is still alive. We don't really know the full extent of their abilities but we already got a taste of their tremendous power. Let your imagination fly and come up with a good battle outcomes that will reveal who will be the victor of the battle between the Light and the Dark! I hope you guys are up to something great in this battle matchup.


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