Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the 4th Dream Battle Chronicles!

Last week, Fairy Tail's Levy McGarden dominated Grimoire Heart's Yomazu in a Solid Script magic battle mayhem! I want to thank and congratulate everyone who posted their spectacular dream battles..

For this week's dream battle, I will call it "Darkness strikes back!"

Our contenders for this Dream Battle:

Grimoire Heart's Guildmaster Hades and Oracion Seis' Leader Zero!

Hades' wicked side
Master Zero

In this Dream Battle, as suggested, Hades will not be supported by the Devil's Heart.. If you think Hades will be on disadvantage because of this, think again.. His previous title as Fairy Tail's Second Master will prove his prowess in magical strength.. Time to work your imaginations once again.. Good luck!


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