This is my second attempt to create a blog out of the new chapter.. Hope I will make it with justice.. First, this week's chapter cover is non other than my love Yukino-hime! It's a good thing that she's back in Sabertooth, but I was hoping that she joined Fairy Tail.. (-_-)

So the chapter begins with Lucy, Wendy and Flare having a conversation - another Flare-background-story moment and we find out how Flare ended up in Raven Tail.. Poor girl, she don't know what she's getting herself into.. Ignorance can really be a dangerous thing sometimes (Flare is the living proof!).. Then she decided to take Lucy and Wendy off the Eternal Flame (Phoenix flame, whatever)..

Next we see Carla and Happy hiding from a one-eyed flying creature (which is kind'a familiar - the monster I mean).. Natsu enters the scene still looking for the voice he's been hearing and wonder how the hell he will turn back to normal.. Then we witness how the bitch Minerva tortures cute little Erza with explosions and kicks.. Still the Fairy wonders how to stop the effects of the Regression Magic..

Then the scene shifts to Gray (thank heavens Mashima let him out!) meeting up with the half-monster Succubus Eye wizard, who turns our Ice-Make mage into a kid and decides to eat him! The "demon return" mystery is revealed when the thought of Deliora comes back to kid Gray (round of applause to those who guess the connection of Deliora to the returned demon!).. (^_^)

Before everyone loses their hopes (Gray dies and be eaten by a cannibal mage), Ultear shows up in Gray's thoughts and tells him to fight for his friends.. The chapter ends with Gray activating his magic and snaps out of his "losing control" moment and get ready to show the power of Ice-make magic!

My rate for this weeks's chapter: 7/10

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