Raise the pitchforks my comrades!!!

K. So Ultear is back.

Why? - to help defeat dimaria - possibly (and I stress possibly) help out later

How? - Who knows. <-- i want to hear everyone's crazy theories on how.

For how long? - The important question. Is this permanent?

My Theory if Anyone is Interested

Well She used that super magic, and exchanged the majority of her life for 2 minutes... or was it 2 seconds? not important. We then saw her a shriveled up old lady. So a couple questions.

The magic she used (what was it called? Ark of time? was that it?) Did it instantly age her and teleport her? I think this scenario is unlikely. Did it take her out of the space time continuum? I'd like to think so. I'd like to believe that as punishment for using this crazy magic, she was cast into a state where she is unable to interact with the world. Literally became one with the flow of time. I think the only reason she can interact with dimaria is because dimaria's magic also removes her from the time continuum. So you have to imagine this battle as taking place literally outside of time. Which presents an opportunity. If Dimaria becomes overwhelmed while fighting Ultear, Wendy, carla, and sheila, she could potentially cancel her own magic, putting herself back in the time continuum. This would also bring back wendy and sheila, but ultear would remain trapped outside of time. Either way it's a loss for Dimaria.

I think my hypothesis is likely the correct answer but I will acknowledge the one flaw that I can't seem to figure out.

If Ultear was removed from the flow of time (unable to be seen or interact with the normal world) how did she return as the old lady? I can't make that work... Did she finally figure out how to free herself when she was like 80?

Other Theories I've heard

I'm just gonna list off some of the other theories I've heard on review blogs.

Ultear is there in the real time flow as a little old lady stumbling across the battle field. She can only take on her more powerful form when dimaria activates her magic.

Rustyrose brought ultear back (I think that's very unlikely)

McBeth and Sawyer are doing something in the background and Ultear is just an illusion created by McBeth (i guess it's possible)

Ultear has become the time god, all hail. teleporting to whenever she wants.

Mashima just said f*** it and brought her back because he was out of ideas. (I mean really? If this was the case he could have had Sawyer be Dimaria's opponent. No Ultear is back for a reason and he'll explain his way out of this confusion)

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