So first off, hello to everyone. I'm Uraharattack, and I've been a long time lurker here on the wiki and a big fan of the series.

Secondly, I wanted to open this blog as a place where we can all share some reasonable theories as to where Mashima might be going with this arc and the story. I know the line between a prediction and a fan-fiction can get blurry so let's all agree to keep things like characters and abilities contained to what we have already seen.

So I'll start this off with some of my own theories and predictions. Please feel free to criticize and add your own speculations.

I'd like to start by noting that the series is definitely setting up for war. The readers like combat, and character development, so I think it's safe to say war is coming. I think we'll see some familiar faces die, and some kick-ass fights. Also, does anyone get a kinda Naruto or Bleach vibe from this? Like with the whole shinobi war or Quincy Invasion? My bets are that we'll see the Ishgar guilds organize to complement each other and create a respectable fighting force. A good example would be having Hibiki from Blue Pegasus using his Archive magic to spearhead an Intelligence division. The map shown in the last chapter showed the Albarez empire across an ocean, or rather a large gulf. I'd assume Gray and Juvia's use of water (ice) magic could be used for transportation of troops either on the waves or over an ice bridge. No matter what, I think we're about to get very militaristic.

Laxus!! I like to hope that Laxus and the whole thunder god tribe possibly set off along the coast to track down GranDaddy Dreyar. I mean we all know Laxus loves his granddad, even if he's bad at showing it. I also think it could be a good plot point to see Laxus and crew wash up on the ishgar shore completely defeated or return alive but heavily damaged.

Lumen Histoire. My thoughts based on the name alone are "Light" and "History". Yes, it could be some super crazy attack that could wipe out a continent, but I think it's more of a "knowledge is power" type thing. I think Mavis might hold some info that could save or destroy the world but said information has been lost to time. Hence the name Lumen Histoire, implying she can bring light to the forgotten history. Also possible, is that Mavis holds the key to killing Zeref?

Erza's death (Yes, I'm sorry Erza lovers but I predict it). Even though Natsu hasn't had his eyes on the hokage's position, (whoops, GM position) I think that him acquiring that title would be a sensible end to the series. So how would that come about? My guess is that Erza goes down in battle. Not just her, but perhaps all the members who'd make better GMs than Natsu (Markarov, Gildarts, Laxas). Obviously not all in the same battle but perhaps one character per major confrontation.

Shadow gear. When you stop to look at all their abilities, they'd make a great covert op team, wouldn't they? Plus we've had Gajeel doing a lot of spy stuff before so maybe he joins them? Plus his whole deal with Levy so probably?

Finally, my absolute crackpot theories, and I mean go grab your tin foil hats for these ones. The Exceeds are Edolas' versions of the dragons. Porlyusica is an exceed in human transformation like how we've seen Carla. The Exceeds will cross to our Earth to fight with the Ishgar guilds.

The Ishgar guilds (maybe Gildarts Himself) will ask Acnologia to go on a rampage over in Albarez. Acnologia would benifit because he just wants to F*** SH** up.

Mest is an Albarez wizard who got past Markarov using his special magic. He was planted in fairy tail to learn as much as possible about Lumen Histoire.

Natsu might be beaten within an inch of his life, infuriating Zeref who then steps in and unleashes a total shit storm of death magic on Natsu's attackers.

That's all folks, please read, enjoy, comment, criticize, and add your own. Above all though, please be respectful of other's ideas.

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