We're finally building up to the action baby!!!!! Throw all your predictions here. I wanna see if anyone calls it accurately. Zeref V. Natsu? Natsu's arm going all demon-y? Acnologia crashing the party (war) and everyone joining together to defeat him?

Anyways, this blog is your canvas, feel free to throw out all your ideas!!! :)

Here's some of mine. Natsu's arm is actually going all demonic. You all remember the black mark on gray that was spreading around him during the avatar arc? I think Natsu's arm has a similar mark that's doing the exact same thing. I also would bet that he has no clue it's demonic. He probably just thinks it's some new power.

Gray Vs. Juvia?..... Nah, I don't think so.

I'm really interested to see some back story on Acnologia. During the one chapter where Acno was in human form talking to zeref, didn't Acno have a white mark on his left elbow? Same place as Natsu's mark? So maybe it's not demonic.... maybe it's that whole Turn-Into-A-Dragon virus? Idk, could be either in my mind.

Can't wait to see all of the Spriggan 12. I have a feeling that Laxus is at their level, and possibly Natsu too.

Really hope Gildarts comes back soon. I know he has a way of crashing in on a battle right when it looks like our heroes are gonna lose (gildarts vs bluenote). I hope that he doesn't pull that same stunt this time and bail someone out in a fight against one of the 12. I hope he actually returns to the guild before then, and we get a nice scene of the whole guild marching off to battle.

All theories are welcome!!! :)

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