• Uraharattack

    K. So Ultear is back.

    Why? - to help defeat dimaria - possibly (and I stress possibly) help out later

    How? - Who knows.

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  • Uraharattack

    So I was able to find some low quality Korean raws, and luckily for you all, I speak that so here we go.

    Natsu and zeref have their little standoff, and natsu addresses zeref as "zeref" which surprises Invell. Apparently zeref never revealed his true name over on his continent. Invell recognizes the name and actually appears worried. Zeref orders Invell and the rest of troops to retreat and head west because he and natsu are literally going to lay waste to the land with this fight. Oh my yes!!!

    Happy mentions that Natsu is going to use "That" as soon as possible, which he does. Natsu unravels his bandages revealing a dragon tattoo (this makes me worry about natsu turning into acnologia-like dragon). Zeref is actually surprised by the amount …

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  • Uraharattack

    We're finally building up to the action baby!!!!! Throw all your predictions here. I wanna see if anyone calls it accurately. Zeref V. Natsu? Natsu's arm going all demon-y? Acnologia crashing the party (war) and everyone joining together to defeat him?

    Anyways, this blog is your canvas, feel free to throw out all your ideas!!! :)

    Here's some of mine. Natsu's arm is actually going all demonic. You all remember the black mark on gray that was spreading around him during the avatar arc? I think Natsu's arm has a similar mark that's doing the exact same thing. I also would bet that he has no clue it's demonic. He probably just thinks it's some new power.

    Gray Vs. Juvia?..... Nah, I don't think so.

    I'm really interested to see some back story on A…

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  • Uraharattack

    Same as last time, can we keep the powers and characters to what we know? Though I don't mind speculation on who the spy is.

    I'd love for the spy to be Azuma. Way too powerful a character to be written off like he was. hope he comes back.

    Mest is going to be useful because of his magic. Maybe he'll just wipe the minds of the Albaraez guards they attacked.

    Wouldn't it be interesting if God Serena actually is one of the Yakma gods that we saw at the end of avatar? just saying.

    What do you all think?

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  • Uraharattack

    So first off, hello to everyone. I'm Uraharattack, and I've been a long time lurker here on the wiki and a big fan of the series.

    Secondly, I wanted to open this blog as a place where we can all share some reasonable theories as to where Mashima might be going with this arc and the story. I know the line between a prediction and a fan-fiction can get blurry so let's all agree to keep things like characters and abilities contained to what we have already seen.

    So I'll start this off with some of my own theories and predictions. Please feel free to criticize and add your own speculations.

    I'd like to start by noting that the series is definitely setting up for war. The readers like combat, and character development, so I think it's safe to say …

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