Fairy Tail Volumes 34 - 37 Name Differences

Hey everyone! So, if you read my previous blog, you'll know that Kodansha is trying out a new initiative with how they disperse their media now. Here, we will discuss the name differences and other notable changes from the Kodansha volumes.

The most recent releases are Volume 36 and 37, with Volumes 34 and 35 being released a couple weeks ago. Below in the comments section, speak your mind on what you think is a valid difference/ potential change and in the future, discussions will be opened! So here we go!

Oh, and P.S, I have also included a notable difference I noticed from the Volumes in my previous blog, but I did not want to list it because it was a name difference for a Magic/ Ability. However, I felt this change is too much of a difference to just ignore, so be sure to sound off on that too!

Discretionary Notice: The differences presented are not Umnei's views but are simply presented for community discussion purposes.

Volume 34 & 35
Volume 34 Cover
Volume 35 Cover


Volume 36 & 37
Volume 36 Cover
Volume 37 Cover
  • Abyss Palace > Palace of Hades

Previous Blog
Volume 32 Cover
Volume 33 Cover
  • Gravity Change has been referred to as Gravity Transformation (a term that was formerly used by the wiki and earlier scanlations)
  • As opposed to Chop Hanging Palm, Bacchus is proficient in the art of Pigua Quan, and in conjunction with his intoxication, he has named it Drunken Pigua Quan.

Those are the name differences. Also, I don't usually list different spell moves since those may naturally just be interpreted differently but if they are indeed different, should I present the changes in a blog like this? Sound off below!

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