Fairy Tail Volumes 32 and 33 Name Differences

Hey everyone! So, thanks to Kodansha, we are now able to purchase our favorite Fairy Tail volumes online via e-book through Amazon, Barnes & Nobles and more! The bright side of this is that the e-books come out much much early than it's paperback version. They intend on having english volume releases simultaneous to the japanese tankobons through this new media so let's hope it all goes successful :)

Anyways, the point of this blog is so we are able to discuss the name differences etc. from the Kodansha volumes, as opposed to having an unknown area to address the situation *cough*mybadforpostingitinthespoilerssectionlasttime*cough*

The most recent releases are Volume 32 and Volume 33. Below in the comments section, speak your mind on what you think is a valid difference/ potential change and in the future, discussions will be opened! So here we go!

Discretionary Notice: The differences presented are not Umnei's views but are simply presented for community discussion purposes.

Volume 32
Volume 32 Cover
Volume 33
Volume 33 Cover
  • Toby Horhorta is called Toby Orrolta (despite the previous volume using the former spelling)
  • Datong is spelt as Darton
  • Jiemma is spelt as Ziemma


Sound off below!

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