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Umnei's Playground: Blank or Blank Game! PART 2

Umnei June 25, 2012 User blog:Umnei

Hello Fairy Friends :D Welcome to Round 2 of my Blank or Blank game! Now, there were so many votes, and I eliminated some of the losing pairs since they lost by a landslide. However, I left some of the pairs because they were competing neck and neck! So I will allow you guys to vote again :D Alrighty, lets commence Round 2!

1) Bora or Erigor?

2) Levy McGarden or Bickslow?

3) Gray Fullbuster or Yukino Aguria?

4) Kagura Mikazuchi or Erza Scarlet?

5) Hibiki Lates or Leo/Loke?

6) Ultear Milkovich or Jellal Fernandes?

1) Gray/Juvia or Gajeel/ Levy?

2) Mirajane/ Carla or Porlyuscia/ Wendy Marvell?

3) Laki/ Max Alors or Rogue Cheney/Frosch?

Whoever comments will be allowed to {blank} my {blank} with their big fat {blank}. Good luck! :D

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