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Spread it wide for me - GMG edition part 1

Umnei October 8, 2012 User blog:Umnei

So, as we all know, the Grand Magic Games is dawning on us in anime form to start off Year 4 of Fairy Tail. Ever since Year 2 began, Fairy Tail has began to use 1-2 chapters per episode, as opposed to the former 3-5 chapters Year 1 had. As such, the anime will be implementing many filler scenes/ extensions during the episodes of the arc coming up. Typically, they just extend a boring scene but occasionally, they'll add in some fun extra content (exp. Kain Hikaru vs. Lisanna, Cana and Levy). I'll create a few blogs like this with a subject, and respond in the comments on what you would like to see added into the anime :)

Spread the episode wide for me! (teehee) Episode 152 will be airing Chapter 259 and Chapter 260. What aspects of those chapters do you want extended/ emphasized? Anything extra you might want to add?

I personally would like to see Max and Natsu have a wicked match-up with some decent time. I'm not sure how else they can really extend those 2 chapters to fit the 22 minute timeframe, but I hope it isnt botchy.

Oh, and since ED 13 features Mavis and the insinuation that she was just really lonely for a long period of time, I have an odd feeling that they will kind of implement that in the episodes. However, it was a really simple video so that might not necessarily be the case. so what did you guys think of the new OP/ED?

I'm curious to see what you guys have to say :)

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