Fairy Tail Game! Who would you Snog, Marry or Kill? Traditionally, Snog is replaced with F*** but its not appropriate here *Giggles*

Rules: for each question, you must specify who you will snog, marry and kill. If you want, you can order it (S, M and K) Another rule is, you HAVE to pick a person for all 3. You cannot just pick who you would snog and kill. YOU HAVE TO PICK ALL 3.

3 enjoy

Who would you snog, marry or kill?

1) Natsu, Elfman, Gray

2) Lucy, Erza, Mirajane

3) Juvia, Evergreen, Bisca

4) Alzack, Freed Bickslow

5) Lisanna, Levy, Cana

6) Gajeel, Jet, Droy

7) Erza, Jellal, Ultear

8) Kagura, Milliana, Arania

Now it gets harder...

1) Natsu, Lucy, Gray

2) Mirajane, Porlyuscia, Makarov

3) Goldmine, Bacchus, Nab Lasaro

4) Bob, Ichiya, Jiggle butt gang Leader

5) Wally, Hoteye, Vidaldus Taka

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