Hey everyone, I've been updating the Manga's order of appearance and I've noticed inconsistencies from many pages. I know this is not official but I would like to set down a template which I hope everyone would reference if they were to edit Order of Appearance (Manga). My template was considered as the "correct" way by Rauleli but I would also like to hear everyone's opinions and what they think in the comments.

1) Since it is indeed manga, the character's order of appearance are ordered from right to left.

2) If multiple characters are featured in one panel, the first character to be listed would be the character who is at the utmost right of the panel. No matter how hard it may be. O_O (Chapter 256 page 3...)

3) If a character appears as a flashback, they will be included but have (flashblack) written next to their name. If a character were to appear as a flashback and appear physically the same episode, the flashback appearance should be omitted (one person's name per list only). Flashbacks may be distinguishable by a gray hue that the panel features.

4) Pictures of people or figments of imaginations do not constitute as an "appearance", only physical appearances or flashbacks. (S-Class trial map; Gildarts, Erza, Mira would not count as an appearance)

5) Chapter covers do not count as an appearance with the exception that it contributes to the story/ features dialogue from the characters (i.e Chapter Cover 286 etc)'

Alright, so that's just my template. I guess I wrote it as a blog so I can just copy/paste it for easier sharing/referencing. The more "approves" this gets, the easier it will be for all of us :) Yay for consistency!

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