Volume 23 Q & A
On Magnolia Hill
Lucy Mira-san, this setting sun is pretty, huh?
Mirajane What's wrong? Why are you so sentimental all of a sudden?
Lucy It's nothing, really. You know... We just got this question.
Sexy Lucy

Why don't Lucy's Sex-Appeal Missions ever work?
Mirajane Oh, dear.
Lucy You mean it's never worked even once...?
Mirajane Hm...
Seduce Count EverlueFail
Get Into Weekly SorcererFail
Miss Fairy Tail ContestFail
Last Volume Against HughesFail
Lucy You're right. Not once!!!
Mirajane But remember that this reader asked why it failed. In other words, he's saying, "It would have worked on me," right?
Lucy Your sympathy is almost as bad as the question, so let's move on to the next one.
Gildarts hugs Cana (Close Up)

Doesn't anybody in the guild have parents?
Mirajane What a good question!
Lucy It doesn't really come up in the story a lot, huh?
Mirajane This is foreshadowing to something in the backstory, so I really can't say much about it...
Lucy Are you sure you're even supposed to say that much?
Mirajane Then I'll just say what I can... First Elfman and I lost our mother when we were little, and that was the impetus that made us enter the guild.
Lucy And as you read in previous volumes, my father is now in the Akarifa Trade Guild.
Mirajane Natsu, Gray, Erza, Gajeel and Wendy have no parents, right?
Lucy Levy-chan and Juvia both said they don't have any parents.
Mirajane So there are unexpectedly alot of BEEEEP in the BEEEEP
Lucy Mira-san!! Somebody just bleeped out your words!
Mirajane Oh, dear.
Lucy Not only that, but I hear that you don't even know about this backstory thing, Mira-san!
Mirajane Is that so? Then I guess we'll just have to leave it at that
Lucy But looking at it like this, there sure are alot of people without parents, huh...?
Mirajane But the guild is like our family, right?
Lucy (I guess I should be happy that one of my parents is still alive.)
Inside Natsu's house

So where exactly do Natsu and Happy live?
Lucy I'm very curious about that too!!
Mirajane They have a place of their own on the outskirts of Magnolia.
Lucy What kind of place is it?
Mirajane A very normal place. It will show up in Volume 24, so enjoy the anticipation! ♥
Lucy Heh heh heh! Once I know where it is I'm going to sneak in!!
Mirajane Sneak in? Whatever for?
Lucy To show them what it feels like when they do it to me!! I'm going to make him scream, "This is my room!!"
Mirajane A woman of puny ambitions.
Lucy Huh? It's to surprise them!! Every time I go home, somebody is always there! That's gotta end!
Mirajane Then I'll help you out!
Lucy Really? Mira-san!
Mirajane Sure! It'll be really fun! ♥ Natsu and Happy will come back from a job, and Lucy will be there waiting saying, "Wel•come•home•honey! ♥"
Lucy ...
Mirajane Then Lucy will say, "Do you want dinner first, or a bath first, or maybe, ME first? ♥"
Lucy Maybe we should just watch the sunset in silence, Mira-san.
Mirajane Maybe you're right.