Volume 21 Q & A

At the Edolas Fairy Tail
Lucy You mean it's gonna be us this time?
Mirajane That's right. They said that we should do it once in a while.
Lucy Aww, what a friggin' pain!
Mirajane No negativity. Let's give this our best!
Lucy (They tell me she's exactly the same no matter which world...)
Sagittarius prof

Is the horse head on top of Sagittarius actually alive?
Lucy "Sagittarius"? Who the heck is that?!
Mirajane It's a Celestial Spirit that the Earth-land Lucy keeps AS A PET.
Lucy Wait! They're no "pets," right?!
Mirajane :/
Lucy I don't know much about it, but it's just a mask, right?
Mirajane I suppose... If it were alive, it'd be really scary! Let's just say it's a mask.
The Anima Chamber

Anima doesn't work on Wendy, so why did Mystogan tell her to run away?
Lucy I have no clue what this guy's talking about!
Mirajane It's probably impossible for us in Edolas to answer these kinds of questions.
Lucy Aw, don't give me that! The word "impossible" don't apply to us!
Mirajane Wow! <3 Lucy, you're so cool!
Lucy Here's what I figure! That he didn't know it wouldn't work on her. If you think of it that way, the rest follows, right?
Mirajane Amazing! it does follow!
Lucy Okay, that answers that! Hit me with another one!
Edolas Fairy Tail

Aside from Fairy Tail, what other guilds exist on Edolas?
Mirajane There are all sorts! No... Or to be more accurate, there were all sorts.
Lucy Yeah, they were all crushed by the Kingdom...
Mirajane I remember that Blue Pegasus only allowed girls to join.
Lucy And one of my best friends, Sherry, used to be a part of Lamia Scale.
Mirajane Oh, remember how Lyon-kun from that guild used to be such a big rival to Gray vying to get Juvia to just notice them?
Lucy I hope they're all safe, but...
Mirajane Yeah...
Ichiya anime

What is Ichiya's "Meeeeen" cry all about?
Lucy Here's another?! Who the heck is this Ichiya guy?!
Mirajane And saying, "Meeeeen"...
Lucy Isn't that a part of Kendo sword techniques? When they go for the head, they say, "Men!"
Mirajane And when sheep bleat, it sounds kind of like that, right?
Lucy Okay, then at times like this, we can just sa it's this Ichiya guy's bleat!
Mirajane That's true! We have determined that, "Meeeen" is just Ichiya's way of bleating.
Lucy Now we finally get to the last question.
Edo Mira Prop 2

Why is Mirajane the only one where the Earth-land character and her Edolas character are the same?
Lucy Yeah! That's one I really want to know too!
Mirajane Hm? What are you talking about?
Lucy Well, they say the Earth-land me is writing a novel and was raised as this little rich kid!
Mirajane Really?
Lucy And people like Gray, Cana, and Elfman are all totally different, Even their Wendy is years younger!
Mirajane And I'm the same?
Lucy According to Earth-land Natsu, there's not a single difference between you two.
Mirajane Aww... Well that's just boring, isn't it?
Lucy I more or less think so too.
Mirajane I wonder if we're exactly the same if I do this too!
Lucy Huh...?!! What do ya think you're doing?!! Put your clothes back on!!!
Mirajane Or maybe this!
Lucy Will you cut that out?!! And wait, I never met the Earth-land you anyway, so how'm I supposed to compare you two?!!
Mirajane Well, let's show the readers and let them decide..
Lucy THAT IS ONE THING WE CAN'T DO!!! WE'LL GET IN TROUBLE WITH MASHIMA!!! (The Earth-land Lucy has to do this every time? I don't envy her...)

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