Volume 20 Q & A
Lucy Lovely ❤ Mira-saan!
Mirajane Lovely ❤ Lucy!
Both Twinkle, twinkle huuug ❤
Mirajane I think that should do it, huh? Lucy?
Lucy Um... We're not going to do this every time, are we?
Mirajane Of course we are! This is our new standard pose everybody will be expecting!
Lucy But it's got nothing to do with the question corner.
Mirajane Our first question is...
Gray, Lyon & Sherry vs. Racer

When Racer was fighting Gray-
Mirajane -... not this, but a different question altogether!
Lucy Ehhhhhhhhhhh?!!
Mirajane I think... we've had enough Racer questions, don't you?
Lucy Y-Yeah, I guess. Everybody, let's keep those questions to ourselves, okay?

I've got a question!! Is it possible for Aquarius and Scorpio to get married? Can they have kids?
Mirajane What do you say, Lucy?
Lucy U-Um... That's a hard question...
Mirajane I think they should be able to. Only natural, right?
Lucy Hmm... I'd feel sorry for them if they weren't able to do those things...
Mirajane I wonder what kind of kids they might have. A huge urn with scorpion legs coming out of it maybe...
Lucy Eeeeeee!!!!!
Mirajane With a fishtail attached to the back...
Lucy Kyaaaaaaaa!!!
Mirajane With the face of a bull.
Lucy Now you're mixing in things completely unrelated!!!
Mirajane So everybody, that ends it for today! All done!
Twinkle, twinkle, huuuug!
Lucy I don't think we answered any questions this time.

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