At the Fairy Tail Gym
Lucy Hah! Hyaah! Hup!
Mirajane Puuunch!!
Lucy So, as you see, today we're coming to you from the gym inside the guild.
Mirajane Puuunch!!
Lucy First question.
Racer Carrying Jellal's Container

If Racer only slows the rest of the world down, how come Brain praised his speed?
Mirajane Simple flattery, perhaps.
Lucy But he did actually deliver the coffin in only one hour, right?
Mirajane Puuunch!!
Lucy Ow!
Mirajane Next question!
Lucy I've got a bad feeling about our corner this volume...
Gemini - Close up

If Angel had Gemini turn into Erza or Midnight, wouldn't they have made quick work of Lucy?
Mirajane You lucked out there, Lucy.
Lucy Th-That's true... I wonder why she didn't.
Mirajane Just chance, right?
Lucy If she had used Ichiya's perfume that destroys people's will to fight, it could have been a real problem too.
Mirajane I know! Once somebody changes into Ichiya oncem they never want to do it again!
Lucy They changed into Gray and me twice, but they never changed into Erza even once.
Mirajane Puuunch!!
Lucy That's exactly the bad feeling I had!!!
Mirajane Kiiick!!
Lucy Would you please stop doing that?! You're not planning on beating me up that to cover our shame for the entire column, are you?!
Mirajane All of the rules and limitations of Gemini will be explained at a later date.
Lucy Really?
Mirajane Maybe.
Lucy .....
Mirajane And the next question.
Hibiki arcive

Is Hibiki's magic the Internet?
Lucy "Internet"?
Mirajane It's something close to what people call the Internet in the reader's world.
Lucy What is it supposed to be?
Mirajane Sorry, I don't know much about it myself
Lucy He said it was about compressing data and transferring it to others faster than it would take to tell them.
Mirajane Puuunch!!
Lucy Oww!!
Mirajane Is that what it means?
Lucy Is that what what means?!!
Mirajane Then here's the final question.
Cobra defeated

I really didn't like how Cobra was defea-
Mirajane PUUUNCH!!
Lucy W-Wait just a second, Mira-san!! You can't go punching the readers!!
Mirajane There are some things best left untouched.
Lucy Well, of the Oración Seis characters, he's pretty popular. And that way of being defeated was disappointing-
Mirajane SATAN SOUL!
Lucy Nooooo!!
Mirajane Let's be adults about this, Lucy. Sometimes it's good for a wizard to just go out that way.
Lucy R-Right!
Mirajane Besides, it's pretty cool! I'm sure he'll go down in legends as THE GUY WHO WAS DEFEATED BY A LOUD YELL
Lucy For something going unsaid, you just said it pretty loud!!

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