Lucy Moun•tain•li•on•poooon!!!
Mirajane Ah, you said it again.
Lucy Hey!! the reaction from the readers for it was huge!! I thought something like that would catch on!
Mirajane Then I should think up something to say in a sing-song voice!
Lucy Um... We're not going to do this every time, are we?
Lucy A sing-song voice...?
Mirajane "Satan Sooooouuul!"
Lucy B-Because it scares the heck out of me... come to think of it, your Satan Soul in this volume...wasn't that a little dangerous...?
Mirajane Ah, I see it's time to to take a peek at the first question.
Lucy Utterly ignored.
Jellal Fernandes proposal

Is Jellal still alive?
Mirajane This question came up a whole lot.
Lucy I wonder about that too.
Mirajane Most likely the author hasn't decided yet, right?
Lucy Y-you're not supposed to say that...
Mirajane Okay, how about: Yes, I know you wonder, but just enjoy the anticipation of receiving an answer in future volumes!
Lucy I don't know about that either. What about the people who can't collect all the volumes..
Mirajane Our next question goes something like this
Yuka's Magic

Could Yuka's Wave Motion magic be used to eliminate Etherion?
Lucy I'd say there's very little chance of that.
Mirajane True. Wave Motion affects a certain type of magical energy, and it can only eliminate that particular type.
Lucy You mean, like when he was fighting Natsu, it could only counter fire?
Mirajane That's right. So it's actually not very useful when fighting a large number of wizards.
Mirajane Etherion is a fusion of countless types of magical power, so I think he'd be out of luck.
Lucy By the way, what are those guys doing now-a-days?
Mirajane You can get a hint on Volume 13, page 104.
Freed's magic seal

I think Jutsu-Shiki magic is too powerful. Doesn't it have any weaknesses?
Mirajane Yes, it's a very powerful magic, but it has unexpectedly large number of weaknesses.
Lucy Are you sure? I think it's very unfair! The person who makes the rules wins!
Mirajane But writing the letters takes a lot of time. I may be repeating the Master a bit, but... Yes, it's the strongest magic for setting traps, but if you're suddenly attacked, you have no time for writing, right?
Lucy He wrote words on his enemies, and words on himself. His magic was really powerful!
Mirajane And that's why I had no choice but to use Satan Soul.
Lucy The final question for this time is...
Loke the Lion

What days of the week can you call Loke?
Lucy My contract with him is that he can be called any time, more or less.
Mirajane That's amazing!! Most of the strongest Celestial Spirits have strict limits on the day or time they can be called!
Lucy Yeah, but with him... every now and again, he comes out on his own.
Mirajane I imagine that would be awful if you were, say, in the bathtub.
Lucy That happened once.
Mirajane Poor Loke would get dripping wet!
Lucy You meant "awful" for him?!!
Mirajane I see him every so often at the guild. He sure has a lot of freedom.
Lucy Eh? That's the first I've heard about that!!
Mirajane A little while ago. He and Cana went out on a job together.
Lucy W-What's that supposed to mean?!!
Mirajane Aw, don't be jealous!
Lucy Th-That isn't what I mean!! It's just if he does that... then what's the point of a contract at all?! That's too much freedom!!!
Mirajane And that's all we have time for today! Moun•tain•li•on•poooon!!!
Lucy Wait, that's my line!! But before that... Hey, Loke!! What's going on?! I don't even have his key!!

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