The podcast is now up, people. Welcome back Kuro, who couldn't make it to the podcast last week. Let us know what you think at the end in the comments.

The Podcast!

Fairy Tail Wiki Podcast 12 9 2014 Part 132:20

Fairy Tail Wiki Podcast 12 9 2014 Part 1

Fairy Tail Wiki Podcast 12 9 2014 Part 232:43

Fairy Tail Wiki Podcast 12 9 2014 Part 2

Previous Poll Results

What would you do if you got the powers of invisibility and teleportation for 24 hours?
Rob banks 4 20%
Stalk wiki users 2 10%
Prank random people 0 0%
Run/Teleport all around the world naked 0 0%
Other 14 70%

OK, so what is it you people would do? Let us know.

New Poll

So, while putting this podcast up, I came across something interesting and decided to listen while working. Now I want all of your opinions.

What do you think of the new "bacon podcast" on the wiki?

The poll was created at 11:20 on September 13, 2014, and so far 32 people voted.


For your question submissions, please send your questions to this email:

Till next time!

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