Hello, Fairy Tail Wik-
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Goddamn it!

It's been so long since you did anything, Prime!

We've been waiting.
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I had things to do >_>

Excuses are like-
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You don't get to lecture anyone, Chef Boy-Are-You-Lazy!
*calms down*
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But has been quite a while. Of course, this is definitely an occasion that warrants attention. As we all know, it's everyone's least-favorite rapper's birthday. And what better way to celebrate his 21st birthday than with a blog of the best times of his life?

Aww, I didn't know you cared :3
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Oh, indeed I do. Without further ado, let's get onto it! Here's a blog of IamJakuhoRaikoben's greatest fails and funny moments on Fairy Tail Wiki!


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Humble Beginnings

No way can we start a blog about one of the biggest pervs on this site without talking about how he started.

As you can see, Rai was once a strict admin. I wonder what happened? Oh, right, he started getting more and more involved with the wiki. Then he became one of them...

One of us...
One of us...
One of us...


Rai's limits to perversion know very few bounds. He easily equals people like Remnant, Hungry and Godisme in how far he can take a perverted joke, though he's less likely to make a strong joke than the first two.

Let's have a look:

What was that, you ask Misk? Well, it was this:

Does anyone else feel that this next one was orchestrated by the Rai and Wrath over Snapchat?

I am not buying those DVDs and I don't think anyone else will either.

The Asian-Hunting Pedophile

As those of you who have either been here since 2012 know, or have seen go on, Rai is known for having some kind of weird fetish that is targeted exclusively towards underage, Asian female humans. How this attraction arose is a secret to us all, but it has undoubtedly made for some very amusing jokes over the years.

But before we get into that, let's see where it all started...that's right. Before there was Glass Heart, there was another user by the name of RedFemaleKnight who got roped into marrying Rai against her will.

and man was he a desperate loser:

Oh, it was an amusing time, but it did not last long as he soon got dumped by her and he fled to Glass.

Of course, ever since then, the jokes never stopped.


Oh, damn, he even tried to cheat with RedFemaleKnight at their wedding. Look!

Good thing for him (I think) that Umnei's male. Oh, crap...there was one more. I forgot!

Damn, Rai. You really get around.

But hey, why does that even matter to Rai? I mean, he's said he doesn't care about personality so why is he so specific about Asian girls? Don't believe me? Take a look.

Weight Watchers Blunder

Probably as a result of the many rejections he has been faced with, Rai gained a considerably large amount of weight in the year 2013. Our theory was that due to Glass having left him, he began spending his Saturday nights eating buckets and buckets of ice cream and KFC, watching sad movies and crying about how she left him.

We've even held polls on this in the past, when we did the Fairy Tail Wiki Podcast:

What outfit would you least want to see Rai in?
Sailor Moon 3 8.82%
Kimono 1 2.94%
Power Rangers 1 2.94%
Yoga Pants 1 2.94%
Nami outfit 15 44.12%
Mini skirt 4 11.76%
Super short shorts 5 14.71%
Maid 3 8.82%
other(explain) 1 2.94%

Thank goodness he doesn't wear any of that (as far as we know). Dude, short shorts are for girls-only. Tbh though, anything Rai is dressed in is pretty fuckin' disturbing >_>

Previous Poll Results
Who is this wikias biggest fatass?
Rai 36 100%

It was unanimous \(^_^)/ Rai was chosen as this site's BIGGEST FATASS!!!!!!

Who should Rai hook up with in 2014?
Reli 4 10%
Umnei 1 2.5%
Another underage girl 11 27.5%
Colonel Sanders (KFC guy) 4 10%
His hand 8 20%
Nobody 12 30%

Well........that actually happened XD

Explain this

Rai, explain that.


User:Imhungry4444 was one of Rai's best boyfriends on this wiki. They spent quite a long time chatting, joking, touching, ranting and the like.

Undoubtedly though, the biggest contribution Hungry made to Rai was his awarding of the "God" title.

I'm not getting into the "God" debates though. That is enough content for another blog entirely.


Oh, man is this a golden pairing. Hell, I even made a slip-up once and it turned into comedy gold. Listen here.

But undoubtedly, their funniest partnership comes from this. A blog where Reli pretended to be a female newbie and Rai pretended to be an ass. It was a fair performance, and I was convinced until Reli revealed the charade to me in PM given how hard I tried to help Brack. Good on him for making the sock female, cause if it were a man cussing at me in chat, as Brack did, I wouldn't have been so nice.

But Carrot was not too happy about that. No, in fact she decided to get back at Rai one year later:

Strangely, or not so strangely though, I don't think she ever tried to get back at Reli =/

Girly man

For reasons unknown, Rai has an interest in media that are typically targeted at female audiences. Don't believe me? Well, here's some evidence:


Oh, boy. Has Rai failed before? Most definitely, yes. One of his most noteworthy failures (besides his existence) would definitely be back in 2013 when he was about to make a review blog but made a new page instead with his review content. Screenshots courtesy of Carrot:

That's not enough for you? Well, here's some more:

Now we know what to point out next time Rai says he's "Awesome" :D

Oh, and this next one is in two parts:

This one is from Skype, but it is so worth sharing:

Oh, and who can forget the famous Fairy Tail Wiki:Guild Competition XD



Right, so this is the part where I talk genuinely.

I know that he takes the teasing in stride, because he's not a petty guy. I know that Rai will take jokes with integrity whether we call him fat or make comments like:

Before I end this, I want to thank User:TheCarrotSaysYumYum and User:Dispelling Mage for their help in getting some screenshots. You guys are awesome =D If anyone else has screenshots or stories, feel free to share them below.

Anyways, this is the end of the blog and I just want to say to Rai that I wish you a happy 21st birthday and that I'm very glad to have you here on Fairy Tail Wiki. There isn't anybody else, no matter how knowledgeable or experienced, who could have done for this site what you have done for it. Please keep being the patient, welcoming, understanding, hard-working and entertaining guy that you are and have always been.

Comments are open, but remember to be respectful. This blog is intended solely for humor and jest. This is not a place to flame anyone for past actions. With that, I bid you all farewell.

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