As we all know, Porlyusica was recently revealed to be Grandineey's Edolas counterpart.

This would stand to reason that Igneel and Metalicana have Edolas counterparts as well.

When we saw the Edolas Fairy Tail, we saw that Loke's/Leo's counterpart was not shown. The Edolas Counterparts to Gildarts and Gajeel (at least in the manga) weren't shown either but that could possibly be attributed to Erza Knightwalker killing them, as she was reputed to do.

As far as Loke/Leo goes, some assumed that it was due to the fact that he was a Celestial Spirit and was not from Earthland that he had no counterpart.

So if that IS the reason that he didn't have one, would it be in the realm of possibility that the dragons DO have one because they are on/from Earthland?

As we saw at the end of the Fighting Festival arc, Igneel was in a cave/volcano of sorts surrounded by lava and rocks. Could this place be somewhere on Earthland, in an area far away from the humans? Does Aconologia leave this place to wreak havoc?

What do you think?

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