Greetings, Fairy Tail Wiki!

So, I hope you guys have been well. I have a few months free of exams so I'm good, aside from work. But lately, things have been pretty boring all around. I'm sure I can't be the only one who has felt this way, right? Plus, there's no more anime and the manga is on break till next week.

Given all this, Fleet and I came up with a little idea for some community fun. Early note: we are doing this for fun. If you're here just to diss us, kindly fuck off and take your negativity elsewhere.

Hopefully, some of you guys are familiar with Movie Fights by Screen Junkies from YouTube. They are also responsible for things like Honest Trailers. I'd watched a lot of their videos and I liked the way they held their debates. Fleet has watched some YouTube users have similar discussions about anime. We got to talking and we thought it'd be interesting to try our hand this. So, we we're now gonna try "Anime Fight Arena" with the good users of Fairy Tail Wiki, and possibly even beyond depending on how it goes.


For those who are not familiar with Movie Fights, the idea is basically to get the topic and make a decision. You need to debate your argument as best you can and win points across various rounds to win the overall night. There will be three debaters and one moderator. The debater wins the point (granted by the moderator) for the round by making the best argument, not necessarily by having the best argument. You need to articulate your arguments and defend them. Thus, even if the moderator does not agree with you personally, they would still have to give you the point if you argue the best. Obviously, moderators need to be unbiased.


  • 4 rounds
  • 1 point per round won
  • Person with the most points wins at the end of four rounds
  • In the event of a tie, one more round between the tied debaters will take place

The winner takes home bragging rights as the night's victor.


You guys may be wondering what the topics for these debates will be. As you may have guessed, we will include Fairy Tail-related topics since this is still our wiki's social project and we want to involve everyone.

The key though is that we will try to be as general about anime as possible. Not only do we want these debates to be reasonably passionate, we also want to encourage everyone (ourselves included) to read as much manga and watch as much anime as we can.

Topics for the first debate can be suggested below. However, please don't suggest topics like "Which is the best of the Big 3?" Topics like that are exceedingly generic, anyone could think of those and the answer is obviously One Piece. Try to be creative and varied with the topics you suggest. What would you want people to debate? Also, let's try not to get into topics that can't be reasonably debated. Thus, we want to avoid topics such as "Who is the strongest/sexiest/coolest anime character?" We're only gonna give about 15 mins to each topic, give or take. The debates will be blogged back to the wiki.

Examples of suitable questions can be seen here.

So go ahead and suggest your topics below. We've love to see them. We're open to your other suggestions too. (No, Rai, "record yourselves telling me how hot I am" is not a legitimate suggestion nor is it even possible.)


Anyone is free to join this. That's right, anyone. We may need to schedule times around each person but we'd like this to be open to as many people as possible, long-timers and newbies both.

If you want to join, you need the following:

  • A working computer microphone or smartphone.
  • A Skype account. Obviously.
  • A decent internet connection.
  • You need to be relatively free on Fridays and/or Saturdays. The times vary depending on your timezone, but we will discuss appropriate timings.

Shameless Advertising

Follow us on Twitter @arena_anime_FT

Also, if everyone who can could please tweet a link to this blog on Twitter or post this to Tumblr (or their preferred social media) that'd be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

21-May-2016 Update

The arrangement for the first debate will be as follows:

Moderator: Ultra

First Debater: Fleet
Second Debater: Derax
Third Debater: Fin

If you wanna participate, let me know.

Fairy Tail cheering squad

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