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It's that time of year again, people!

Are you finally changing the filters in the coffee machine?

Are you gonna shut up about moving back to Canada and finally do it?
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How the hell would that be a yearly....y'know what, never mind. >_>

Get on with it, Primehoe!
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This is mine! I'll take all the time I want!

That's what she said! ^_^

Nice one, Mega! XD
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Fuck you, Chocolate Blunder! I got all excited for this but your fat ass is ruining it!

Yeah, like he ruined those jeans I got him last year.

And that thong Umnei bought for him.
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Why the fuck do you know about Umnei buying-AAARGH, I'm getting way too distracted! Cut scene!

Hey, people =)

Forgive the antics above, but it's been a little while since I used those templates so I thought I'd have a a bit of fun.

Anyways, as you may have guessed by now, it's everyone's least-favorite rapper's birthday!

If you remember, I made a nice blog last year detailing a number of his failures. While I did have enough material for a sequel to that blog (and probably even a third installment) I thought I'd be slightly nice this year and make a little video for him.

But I didn't wanna do it alone because that's way too gay so I got some wiki folks together and we made this video for everyone's favorite Chocolate Blunder.

Hope you enjoy this next video, Rai! A couple other people were scheduled to be in it but real life caught up with them. Still, I'm sure they send their non-platonic feelings out to you on your special day!

To Rai- The Video07:42

To Rai- The Video

It's been a hell of a time with you, Rai. I hope we'll be friends for many more years to come!

Stay gold, man.

-from Ultraprime2

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