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    I know that this wiki is for FT but i wanted to discuss about this.

    so mashima has just released the new one shot. my first impression on the main character is Wendy + Erza = Satsuki.

    yes the new MC looks exactly like wendy but wearing clothes that look like erza's one. she also has part of the personality of Wendy.

    She is a swordsmith with the ability to increase the 'power' of swords. her companion is a penguin whom Satsuki calls Master... Well the penguin is revealed to be Satsuki's master and was once a human. Long ago, he had forged 100 demon sword which are said to be very powerful. However they were stolen and the master was cut by one of these. these swords have different abilities when swung

    1. one can turn a human in a penguin(why …

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  • Ultimate Nova

    okay it has been a while since i wanted to discuss about this. so fairy tail zer0 will launch(i do not know when) the story of the creation of the fairy tail guild. this time mavis will be the main character(haha take that natsu) i think we will see ZEREF in this and how the first master and the stongest evil mage met each other. the gray spin off will be about Gray (of course) showing what happened between the time time that Ur died and that he joined FT. i'm very excited about this.

    The discussion shall now begin.

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  • Ultimate Nova

    Hello Everybody

    May 11, 2014 by Ultimate Nova

    hello everyone. i am a newcomer and for this blog, i would like to talk about the soundtrack of fairy tail. what do you prefer among all? please comment!

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