Fights between different anime shows, that has been troubling me, because I don't know who would win :L

1. Laxus vs Eneru (lighting battle)

2. Natsu vs Ace (one piece) vs Head captain Yammoto (bleach)

3. Eneru vs Laxus vs Kakash (Naruto) vs Sasuke (naruto)

4. Erza vs Zorro (one piece) (Swordsmanship fight)

5. Erza vs Zorro vs Kenpachi (Bleach) vs Trunks (dbz) vs Sauske (Swordsmanship fight)

6. Gray vs Akoji (one piece) vs Toshiro (bleach) (ice fight)

7. Naruto vs Ichigo (bleach) (jinchuriki vs visord fight)

8. Personally I think this would be on of the best fights ever, Zeref vs Sage of six paths (naruto)

9. Makarov vs Head captain yammoto vs Silvers Rayleigh (one piece) vs The Third Hokage (naruto) vs Master Roshi (dbz)

10. Gildarts vs Shanks (one piece)

11. This fight will probably be sick as well, Natsu vs Naruto vs Goku (dbz) vs Monkey D Luffy (one piece) vs Ichigo

12. Natsu (in normal state, then dragon force, then lighting flame mode) vs Naruto (in normal state, then sage mode, then nine tailed clock mode (controlled) )

13. Blackbeard (one piece) vs Zeref (darkness power)

14. Cobra vs Magellan (one piece)

15. Gajeel vs Kenpachi

16. zeref vs Frieza (dbz) vs Sosuke Aizen (bleach) vs Tobi (naruto) vs Admiral sakazuki (one piece) (That fight would be probably one of the best ones as well, O think zeref or sosuke aizen would win it)

17. Mirajane vs Tsunade (naruto)

18. Hades vs Danzo (naruto)

19. Natsu and Ace and Head captain Yammoto vs Gray and Akoji and Toshiro (fire users vs ice users)

20. Last one, Jellal vs Grimmjow Jaggerjaques (bleach)

21. Jellal vs Blackbeard (one piece) (heavenly body magic vs darkness power)

22. Jellal vs Zeref (just for fun) Fights between other shows

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