This week manga issue of One Piece, Bleach, Naruto and Fairy Tail - the Top 4 Manga's.

Their current plots, what's happening, theorys, climax and what's gonna go down and happen next issue or multiple issues next.

When reading this week Top 3 Shounen Manga (One Piece, Bleach and Naruto) I thought to myself how (especially Naruto and Bleach) how exciting and how much it's heating up in the plot of Naruto and Bleach, not so Much One Piece.

In Naruto it's getting really good, exciting and it's reaching it's final climax. If you read and watch Naruto, then you know what I'm talking about. In this week Issue Obito tells Kakashi and Guy why's he doing this and says "It's because you let Rin die". Afterwards he does the Fire style technique called Katon Bakufuu Ranbu, after that Naruto deflects it with Kuruma's tails and out of no where Madara Uchia appears out of no where.

For Naruto fans this raise a lot of questions, for example what is Madara and Obito Connections? How did Obito survive? Did the 5 Kages die? Where's Konoha 11 and when will they get to the scene? what's Obito reason for doing this? Who are "Them" that Sasuke and Orocchimaru going to meet? And will Narto become the sage of six paths? Naruto is just getting so exciting and more epic by the manga issue it come out, and it leaves you wonder what the heck is going on and what's gonna happen.

With the Bleach manga it was a good Issue, the best part for me personally was Head Captain Yammoto Activating his Bankai. Then they end the issue like that, it makes you wonder what kind of bankai it is and how powerful it is. Do you think his flames is more powerful then Natsu and do you think Natsu would not be able to consume Yammoto's flames. Tell me what do you think his bankai is and do think it's powerful? He didn't activate bankai against Sosuke Aizen and he was a powerful boss.

With the One Piece issue it was allright luffy just does what he normally does sarts a fight with powerful opponent and continues next issue. He does it so many times, e.g Black cat Kuro, Buggy, Don krieg, Crocodile, Enel, Rob Lucci, Admiral Akoji, Gecko Moriah, Arlong, Hody Jones and now Ceasar Clown.

To be completely honest I rather wanted to see Luffy, Tralafargar Law, Smoker, Zoro and Sanji take down Ceasar Clown and activate and demostrate their Haki powers (especially Luffy, Zoro and Sanji) However I wonder what's awaiting for the straw hats in new world and what's gonna go down? Example will the Eleven Supernova's meet again, what happen to akoji and what's going on with blackbeard and his plan.

Obvious with the newest Fairy Tail Manga you can't really compete with the other manga issue but I want to know what's actually going on with this arc? I thought I knew it, but ever since those visions Carla has of lucy and Gajeel discovering the dragons bones and Jellal chasing that woman, I have officially no idea what's going on.

Also what's the deal with Natsu? Is he the son of Zeref? Is he really Human? Is he a reincarnated dragon or something? He's kind of like Naruto. Naruto is destined to save the shinobi universe and become the sage of six paths, is Natsu destined to save the world, or slay dragons or was made of for something big.

In the plots that's going on between Naruto, One Piece, Bleach and Fairy Tail, I'm going to rank them in the place I think is really exciting and has my attention more then ever.

1.Naruto 2.Fairy Tail 3.Bleach 4.One Piece

If you want you can rank them in their spots which you think they deserve and be free to tell me what manga seems really exciting and your reasons or theory's. Manga issues, future plots, what can happen etc

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