Lightning Powers battle

For the first battle of the lighting power users, it has to be strictly lightning power, so no sharringan powers used, no haki powers used and no other secret ability is to be used, just lightning.

Here is the contestants;

Enel (from One piece)


Kakashi (naruto)

Sasuke (naruto)

Darui (naruto)

And Orba from fairy tail (if that's his name)

The next battle of the lightning user is allowed to have any secordary power such as sharringan, haki, dragon force and kekkai genkai etc.

Enel (supported with Haki/mantara)

Laxus (fairy law and dragon force)

Sasuke (eternal megekyou sharringan, fire release and blaze release)

Kakashi (mengekiyou sharringan, earth release and water release)

Darui (storm release/kekkai genkai and water release)


Natsu (flame lightning mode) fight with lightning power users

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