Fairy Tail Crossover Movie consisting of Bleach Naruto, One Piece and Dragonball Z

Main Antagonists of the movie; From Bleach is Kageroza plus Mod souls

From Fairy Tail is Zero and his team

From One Piece is Eneru with the priests

From DBZ is Cooler and Frieza plus army

From Naruto is mastermind rouge ninja, with special powers (powers like bring the dead back to life, controlling people, special powers that are unique etc.) This is the one who sets the whole evil plan.

The hq is at Zero's nirivana

(All the main antagonists from bleach, one piece, fairy tail and dbz are considered generals to the evil rogue ninja)

== Plot ==

The Plot is basically this mastermind rogue shinobi goes crazy and has a vision of world piece (according to him) this world piece vision is where countries are destroyed, people are in chained, people who resist automatically die and he (and a bunch of people sit on the top, ruling the world for eternity, thanks to a secret jutsu/spell/object/wish/devil fruit power (Naruto/Fairy Tail/Bleach/DBZ/OnePiece) he uses each person to go back to their show to get one of the things I just described, which will all fit into his plan to rule the world with an Iron fist.

Each of the main antagonists runs into the people who beaten them in the past, but the evil rogue shinobi gives each main antagonists special medicine to increase their power tenfold. This allows the antagonists (generals) to defeat the protagonists (such as Natsu and friends, Luffy and friends, Goku and friends, Ichigo and friends and Naruto and friends) easily with out shredding a sweat. Once they've finished their fight they go on to complete the mission to fetch the chosen jutsu spell object etc which allows them to rule the world and crush the opposition.

The Protagonists United

The way the protagonists realise what is happening is by figuring out what the generals have stolen. By doing that the protagonists each send out tracking teams lead by the main protagonists such as Natsu, Goku, Ichigo etc. Once out tracking and looking for clues, they will meet each other in a common ground. A fight will begin to break out between all five tracking teams, However it will be stopped by the mastermind rogue ninja using thought projection to send a message to all the tracking teams. He will then explain his plan and tell them he has an army and is ready to carry out a war for total world domination, he then tells the tracking team to tell their masters. He then leave out laughing with no hope for the protagonists. Once the rogue ninja leaves the tracking teams begin to reunite and begin to talk to one another. Erza and Kakashi begin to tell all the tracking teams to go back to their places and tell people what is happening, then they both give each tracking team info where they are located and tell them to meet up at hidden leafs village for a team/plan talk on how to defeat him and his generals. At the talk people will be elected as generals/commanders to a significant amount of people to tackle the enemy's army. The generals are; Erza Scarlett Rorrono Zorro Piccolo Kakashi Hatake And Kisuke Urahara

The people in charge of intel/leaders are as follow Makarov Dreyar Fith Hokage Fleet Admiral Sengoku Mater Roshi Head Captain Yammamoto

Natsu, Goku, Naruto, Ichigo and Luffy will go to different generals, and their friends will all be split and mixed around, then put in to different generals. Once sorted the Leaders will go over the plan and assist them by giving constant details thanks to a special spell/hell butterflies (found in bleach.) Once done they go off to fight, the fighting ground will be held off in a massive remote island found in One Piece (New World.) As the fight starts the protagonists army splits into 5, lead by the five generals, they go off to find and fight the antagonists army lead by the 5 generals.

As the fight drags on each army will fight another army, and from that army a generals plus mains protagonists in the army under the general etc Laxus, Sai, Renji, Sanji will end up fighting the generals to the Protagonists. In the end of the fights all the protagonists army will win, but soon realise they haven't caught the mastermind rogue ninja, because he's hiding out in nirivana. The whole war setting was just a ruse, so he could wear out the opposition and gather energy to destroy the island wear the army is as currently. After realising the events happening, the leaders knew something like this will unfold, so they reveal they'll back up plan which consist of the 5 main protagonists to defeat the rogue ninja.

Natsu, Goku, Ichigo, Naruto and Luffy go out to nirivana to defeat the rogue ninja, However the rtogue ninja is so powerful it takes them a whole lot of time to even get a single punch on him. The rogue ninja absorbs power from the general and makes it his own. However they main protagonists is able to defeat the rogue ninja and stop him from destroying the island where the army rest on. The war is finished and once at the end the leaders give each other information that says ever in trouble just call us out. When coming back home the 5 main protagonists begin to discuss what has happen and laugh of the outcomes. Then the movie ends of the 5 main protagonists smiling and laughing as they go home.

Movie Crossover Fairytail One picece Bleach Dragonball z Naruto sequal

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