Who's your Favorite character and which character do you think would win.

(It's your Personal opinion) even though goku is clearly the strongest, don't just choose him because he is, choose your character according to your opinion.

Natsu, Goku (DBZ), Naruto, Ichigo (Bleach), Luffy (One Piece), Rin (blue exorcist) and Edward (Fullmetal Alchemist)

For me this is my order for my favorite characters (however I do like all these characters and their shows it's my top 7 characters/shows);

Natsu Naruto Goku Ichigo Rin/Luffy Edward

As strongest it will go as (My personal opinion);

Naruto Goku Natsu Ichigo/Luffy Edward/Rin

This was extremely hard for me to choose, because they are all so incredibaly powerful, to make the decision easier try and make all the characters in their top form and time skip as well(apart from goku other wise it wouldn't be fair)

Goku super saiyan 1 or 2 Luffy gear 2nd and haki enhanced Ichigo Visord (new mask) Natsu Lightning flame mode and dragon force Naruto Nine tail clock mode (controlled) Edward(combat alchemy) (I'm not to familiar with full metal alchemist, so sorry if i got it wrong, I'll start watching it after I finish a show I'm watching) Rin partial demon form

Lastly tell me which show is your favorite. A fight between other shows

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