Thoughts about the newest Fairy Tail chapter 328 and Fairy Tail making a Game...

What do you guys think the "7 dragon" let in from the gate mean. Last time I remember there are 7 powerful dragon slayers. So 7 dragon Slayers vs 7 dragons. Hopefully if this is true, we'll being seeing Cobra again.

For me I think if the 7 Dragon Slayers do fight the dragons, it would be like one Dragon Slayer and a group of people vs a Dragon. An example is Natsu (The Dragon Slayer), plus some people from the Fairy Tail Guild (Such as Erza, Gray, Lissana, Lucy, Elfman etc) vs Atlas Flame (The Dragon). This is how I would think the fighting would go like.

Either way, this Fairy Tail chapter was a decent chapter. It was leading up to something epic that involves Natsu and/or Dragon Slayers. Next weeks should be awesome.

By the way do you guys think it's time for Fairy Tail to releease a game on the PS3/PS4 or Xbox 360 (Not the PSP OR DS). Since they ended the anime (until they resume it) on a good scene where Sting and Rogue get beaten by Natsu and we see Jellal discover future Lucy, I think this is probably the best time for a game. Fairy Tail has stopped the anime for the time being, the manga is getting hard and they've already produced a movie, now we need a game. All the fights like:

Jellal vs Jura

Natsu and Gajeel vs Sting and Rougue

Lyon vs Kagura

Gray, Juvia, Rufus, Nullpuding and Eve's battale Royale

Erza vs 100 Monsters

Laxus vs the whole of Raven Tail

Elfman vs Bacchus

Wendy vs Cheila

Minerva vs Cheila vs Lucy vs Juvia vs Risley vs Jenny vs Rocker (Naval Battle)

And if they do make a game, they can always start from the begining and even add some parts of the manga to the game even if it hasn't been animated (like One Piece Pirate Warriors 2's Punk Hazard and Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 3's Madara Uchiha and Obito and the Jinchuriki's vs Naruto and Killer B). So battles such as:

Gajeel vs Rogue

Laxus vs Jura vs Obra

Minerva vs Erza vs Kagura

Gray vs Rufus

Gray and Juvia vs Lyon and Cheila

And they can do a remake of Sting Vs Gray, Laxus, Erza, Juvia and Gajeel

Believe me, this is a right time for a game, because other manga/anime like One Piece, Bleach, Naruto and DBZ aren't doing a game, Fairy Tail will dominant this.

Tell me your opinions about the "7 Dragons" and Fairy Tail making a game in the comment section. Thanks for reading!

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