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    Thoughts about the newest Fairy Tail chapter 328 and Fairy Tail making a Game...

    What do you guys think the "7 dragon" let in from the gate mean. Last time I remember there are 7 powerful dragon slayers. So 7 dragon Slayers vs 7 dragons. Hopefully if this is true, we'll being seeing Cobra again.

    For me I think if the 7 Dragon Slayers do fight the dragons, it would be like one Dragon Slayer and a group of people vs a Dragon. An example is Natsu (The Dragon Slayer), plus some people from the Fairy Tail Guild (Such as Erza, Gray, Lissana, Lucy, Elfman etc) vs Atlas Flame (The Dragon). This is how I would think the fighting would go like.

    Either way, this Fairy Tail chapter was a decent chapter. It was leading up to something epic that involves N…

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  • Tyrone851

    An Epic Battle with these;

    Natsu Dragneel VS Dragon Force or Lightning Flame Mode VS

    Rin Okurmura (Blue Exorcist) Sword Released [1] VS

    Portgas D Ace (One Piece) [2] VS

    Head Captain Yamamoto (Bleach) Shikai only [3] VS

    Tsuna Sawada (Hitman Reborn) Hyper Dying Will Mode or Ultimate Dying Will Mode [4]

    Any Form of any character allowed (Except Yamamoto's bankai because it'll be to overpowered), An example would be Natsu's Lightning Flame Mode or Tsuna's Ultimate Dying will Mode. A Youtube video link is provided if you don't know much about the characters.

    It can also be the character in any point of time, so Natsu time skip or Tsuna at the end of the Hitman Reborn Manga.

    Anything goes. Who wins?

    Also who do want to see for Project Versus J. The game…

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  • Tyrone851

    This week manga issue of One Piece, Bleach, Naruto and Fairy Tail - the Top 4 Manga's.

    Their current plots, what's happening, theorys, climax and what's gonna go down and happen next issue or multiple issues next.

    When reading this week Top 3 Shounen Manga (One Piece, Bleach and Naruto) I thought to myself how (especially Naruto and Bleach) how exciting and how much it's heating up in the plot of Naruto and Bleach, not so Much One Piece.

    In Naruto it's getting really good, exciting and it's reaching it's final climax. If you read and watch Naruto, then you know what I'm talking about. In this week Issue Obito tells Kakashi and Guy why's he doing this and says "It's because you let Rin die". Afterwards he does the Fire style technique called K…

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  • Tyrone851

    New Films 2012-2013

    July 31, 2012 by Tyrone851

    The newest films that are coming out (or out already) in 2012 to 2013 are;

    Naruto road to ninja(Already out)-

    Fairy Tail Phoenix priestess(Augest 8th 2012)-

    One Piece Movie Z(December 2012 15)-

    Dragon Ball Z Moive 12 (2013 March)-

    Which One Are you really looking most forward to, rank from 1 to 4, 1 being the highest.

    Also the new dark knight film as well, even though it's not anime and it's dc but it was some epic film worth of 5 stars. Films looking forward to

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  • Tyrone851

    Lightning Powers

    June 30, 2012 by Tyrone851

    Lightning Powers battle

    For the first battle of the lighting power users, it has to be strictly lightning power, so no sharringan powers used, no haki powers used and no other secret ability is to be used, just lightning.

    Here is the contestants;

    Enel (from One piece)


    Kakashi (naruto)

    Sasuke (naruto)

    Darui (naruto)

    And Orba from fairy tail (if that's his name)

    The next battle of the lightning user is allowed to have any secordary power such as sharringan, haki, dragon force and kekkai genkai etc.

    Enel (supported with Haki/mantara)

    Laxus (fairy law and dragon force)

    Sasuke (eternal megekyou sharringan, fire release and blaze release)

    Kakashi (mengekiyou sharringan, earth release and water release)

    Darui (storm release/kekkai genkai and water releas…

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