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The eleventh opening introduced new characters. Most of them are obviously the Earth Land counterparts of the antagonists in the Edolas arc... So anyways, any opinions on who they are and what they're going to do in the arc? Here's what I thought:

  • Earth Land Edolas Characters: New Villains
    • Coco: Coco is evil in Earth Land and is going to try and take the Key of the Starry Sky from Lucy, a complete 180 from what her Edo counterpart did.
    • Sugarboy: Possibly an Elvis Presley impersonator.
    • Hughes: Transexual who uses her "Command Tact" to control people.
    • Byro: The tall guy that controls the octopus xD
  • Cobra Look Alike: Possibly Cobra that returned for Kinana
  • Old Guy: A relative of Kinana or the one who turned her into a snake
  • Exceed: Possible Earth Land counterpart of Faust? xD Or new ruler of the Exceeds...
  • Lahar: Will appear and fight a Teddy Bear

Imma want to see this battles xD

Natsu and Romeo Tag Team
Gray and Lyon Tag Team
Strauss Siblings Tag Team

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