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When I was waiting for the chapter and refreshing the manga site every few seconds my heart was like:


When it came out, my heart kinda skipped a beat like:


Lol. Anyways, when I saw that Natsu, Gajeel and Sting were participating I was like. "WTH MASHIMA!?! WHY LET THE THREE DRAGON SLAYERS PARTICIPATE IF YOU'RE GOING TO MAKE THEM FOOLS!?!" Anyway, the Magic of the MH member, Miss Chubby Risley was "meh" not so great. Was expecting Mermaid Magic or BellyDancing Magic xD Also, Bacchus and the snake dude from RT didn't really shine (both of their Magic weren't shown but Bacchus proves himself to be the most awesomest QC member in the world xD) Oh and Ichiya and Yuka were there too I guess... I don't really like the chapter. It didn't have the epicness of Hidden since it doesn't have any fights xD Also, the chapter was mainly about Natsu again so I really dislike it xD Though I liked his speech, makes me warm and fuzzy inside. xD xD xD Anyways, I have to eat now. See ya in a bit xD

Oh and I forgot Mashima's sudden revelation that all Dragon Slayers can't stand transportation! Really lame Mashima since you contradicted yourself xD Though I found it funny that Laxus is weak to transpo too xD

Team Games Total
Sky Labyrinth Hidden Battle Chariot Battle ??? Battle ??? Tag Battle ???
Raven Tail symbol Pass 8 10 8 10 - - - - - 36
Sabertoth mark Pass 10 10 0 0 - - - - - 20
Lamia scale Pass 6 10 4 0 - - - - - 20
Mermaid Heels symbol Pass 3 0 6 10 - - - - - 19
Blue pegasus symbol Pass 4 10 3 0 - - - - - 17
Fairy Tail symbolA Pass 0 0 2 10 - - - - - 12
Quatro Cerberus Symbol Pass 2 0 10 0 - - - - - 12
Fairy Tail symbolB Pass 1 0 1 10 - - - - - 12
Twilight Ogre Eliminated
This team won first place
This team won second place
This team won third place

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