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Quick Summary

After seven years, Fairy Tail is reduced into a tavern and is in debt with the new guild, Twilight Ogre. The numbers of the guild members are terribly reduced and the remaining members are still affected by the disappearance of their friends. However, The Trimens inform them that Tenrou Island still exists and some of the guild members hurriedly investigate. The search proves to be a success as they find the missing members and learn that the first master, Mavis, had saved them by using Fairy Sphere. The missing members then reunite with the remaining members and they all live happily ever after...until the next episode that is xD


Can't wait for Ota's blog since I really want to voice my opinion about the episode! I think that this week's episode is way way better than this week's chapter. Not much was changed from the manga which is a good way to start an arc. The episode itself though is very emotional, and the animators did a good job with the music/sounds. Also, Mavis voice is super cute, makes me like her even more! Also, the voices of the TO members are hilarious, especially the voice of the one with the bear trap around his neck xD The scenes were great! Especially the ones when Jet, Droy and the others met the Fairy Tail members and Happy burrowing out of his little hole xD I also like how they animated the scene of Mavis releasing Fairy Sphere. (Hoping to make a gif of it if it's not a job of the Image Guild xD) Hope the animators do a good job with the rest of the episodes! Can't wait!

Overall Rating: 8.5/10

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