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Thunder Crashes

Quick Recap:
This episode is based on Chapters 242-244. Zancrow is killed by Zeref and he utters the forbidden word, "Acnologia", scaring Doranbolt and the rest of the Magic Council guys out of their pants. Team Natsu fights Hades and, during which, Wendy has a costume change, thanks to Horologium. Team Natsu (mostly , yey!) is then beaten to a pulp until Laxus arrives and saves the day!

This was the best episode in a long time, no rain and Laxus is back! Did you hear that? LAXUS IS BACK!!! LAXUS IS BACK!!! LAXUS IS BACK!!! LAXUS IS BACK!!! I'll try to upload GIFs showings Team Natsu fighting Hades and Laxus returning!

Here are the GIFs I was talking about:

Hey guys! I just watched the preview and it seems like more scenes were added to the next episode. Including maybe Bickslow and Freed fight GH members. More time for them to shine! Yay!

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