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    Navigation Boxes

    December 1, 2012 by Tutles

    Hey guys. Just want to announce that I've made some Navigation Boxes for my profiles and that you guys are free to use them as well. Also, this will now be my permanent account so if I go inactive and a new user arrives and says that he/she is me, don't believe them.

    For Administrators,
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    Haven't made a blog in a while so I decided to make one now, even though Rai would probably have his up in a few minutes xD The chapter was pretty good (especially if you're a guy) with Mirajane and Jenny having a swimsuit battle xD Jenny's Magic is really weak though but I think it suits her. Mira's latest Take Over, Sitri or something like that, was pretty hot and is her strongest, according to Erza xD xD xD Carla annoyed me again since she still hasn't told the others about her premonition.. The last part of the chapter was pretty interesting as well. Probably a gate way to another dimension, maybe the Celestial Spirit World or Dragon World or something. Anyways, the chapter was pretty good so I give it a 9.5/10...

    Oooh.. and wonder who…

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    Who are these guys!?!

    April 7, 2012 by Tutles

    The eleventh opening introduced new characters. Most of them are obviously the Earth Land counterparts of the antagonists in the Edolas arc... So anyways, any opinions on who they are and what they're going to do in the arc? Here's what I thought:

    • Earth Land Edolas Characters: New Villains
      • Coco: Coco is evil in Earth Land and is going to try and take the Key of the Starry Sky from Lucy, a complete 180 from what her Edo counterpart did.
      • Sugarboy: Possibly an Elvis Presley impersonator.
      • Hughes: Transexual who uses her "Command Tact" to control people.
      • Byro: The tall guy that controls the octopus xD
    • Cobra Look Alike: Possibly Cobra that returned for Kinana
    • Old Guy: A relative of Kinana or the one who turned her into a snake
    • Exceed: Possible Earth Lan…
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    March 25, 2012 by Tutles

    Badge Directory
    [[#A|]] [[#B|]] [[#C|]] [[#D|]] [[#E|]] [[#F|]] [[#G|]] [[#H|]] [[#I|]] [[#J|]]
    [[#K|]] [[#L|]] [[#M|]] [[#N|]] [[#O|]] [[#P|]] [[#Q|]] [[#R|]] [[#S|]] [[#T|]]

    [[#U|]] [[#V|]] [[#W|]] [[#X|]] [[#Y|]] [[#Z|]]

    [[#Pairings|]] [[#Others|]] [[#User Support|]]

    Hello! I'm B j/Tutles and this is my blog! I made this blog to let you guys know which are the badges that you can add to your user pages and, if you want, this place also serves as a place where you can request for the creation of certain badges for your favorite characters!

    • Edolas Counterpart Character Badges can be seen under the E section.
    • Earth Land Counterpart of Edolas Character Badges can be seen under the E section.
    • Support Badges featuring the younger images of characters…

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    After seven years, Fairy Tail is reduced into a tavern and is in debt with the new guild, Twilight Ogre. The numbers of the guild members are terribly reduced and the remaining members are still affected by the disappearance of their friends. However, The Trimens inform them that Tenrou Island still exists and some of the guild members hurriedly investigate. The search proves to be a success as they find the missing members and learn that the first master, Mavis, had saved them by using Fairy Sphere. The missing members then reunite with the remaining members and they all live happily ever after...until the next episode that is xD

    Can't wait for Ota's blog since I really want to voice my opinion about the episode! I think that this week's e…

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