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The Return of Mistress Mira and Loli Fan-service

Me: All rigth I'm hosting and writing this particular abbridge chapter. And I will admit; quality-wise it's nowhere near as good as Aniki's or Toshi's... But I will get better.

FT wiki: *turns away to leave*

Me: Don't bail on me yet! I said quality was bad yes but I feel my humor was quite good! Take it easy on me people, it's my first go, and I still suck at Photoediting.

FT Wiki: *stays*

Me: Well can I start?

Aniki: Just do it.

Me: Thanks. I couldn't pull of tittle page like I wanted so here is the main bulk:

Fairy Raven: Yep, I knew Erza relied solely on Plot Armor.

Me: We all did. We all did.

MDM: So why did you censor Juvia's Plans?

Me: Leaves more to the imagination, and let's people be as twisted as they want about it.

God: And a valid point was made: Who would've though Erza's Plot Armor would ever fail?

Rainbow: Yep, Grey is fucked. Literally. Perv

Me: At this point, somewhere Laxus Fan-girls are freaking the fuck out.

MDM: Particulary my little sister.

Me: Wait for it Aniki.

Me: Told ya.

MDM: Did she just say: "Feel WRATH"?

Wrath: Someone call my name?

Nosebleed: What's with the Rufie reference?

Me: I feel I should explain that. This scene was originally a joke about Juvia drugging and then raping Grey...

Rainbow: *Listens with interest* What?

Me: And the last thing I wanted to do was give my sex-starved, handcuff loving, rape-obsessed wife anymore ideas, so I edited it out for the safety of the general public.

Rainbow: Did you really think that would work?

Me: Shit...Moving on now...

FT Wiki as a whole at the joke: Extreme Disapproval

Me: Like no one else even though it even once. We all at least had though this very joke at least once.

MDM: When do we get to the Erza-spanking scene?

Me: Right now. And I would like to note, the original dialog works the best here. Thank you Chaos.

MDM: Perv

Oh hell yeah....

90% of guys on FT Wiki (atleast): Perv

Me: Let's give them about five minutes to....let all of that....sink in...

.... Five minutes later...

Me: Next page now.

FTGM: I just noticed, why is Gajeel singing like Killer Bee?

Me: It was the only joke I could think of for much he sucks as a singer.

God: That is a good question. Who said Natsu was done with Lucy? And where are my cucumber jokes?

Me: I think Aniki had the cucumber jokes TMed. As for the other question here's your answer:

FT wiki: Yep that expalains it.

Me: Moving on...


Everyone: Extreme Disapproval

Meanwhile the abbriger has been rushed to the ICU due to massive blood lost. 3 days later he returns.

FT Wiki: Extreme Disapproval

Me: Bite me. I don't give a damn anymore about what you think of me anymore...Let's please continue this...

Rem: Because Lolis are sexy. Perv

Me: Rem you're not helping! Now either STFU or GTFO!

Rem: How about neither.

Me: oivei.

MDM: So you were behind the Loli Fan-service increase? Disappointed

Me: So what if I was?

Me: Yeah, I went sue me.

FT wiki: ...

Rainbow: Well did Natsu really do those things?

Rem: Did Wendy really get hit by the Strip Magic?

Me: Ask Aniki. I don't know for sure.

MDM: What do you think? Cool

Everyone: WendyxChelia? Extreme Disapproval

Me: Yeah I do so what? You know what I say:

Me: Anyway, what to know what happened to Grey?

And that is it. It was kinda hard to Abbrige an Omake, because it was funny as hell to begin with anyway.

Glass: Sets FT Wiki on fire bitches!

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