Chapter 377: The Sky Dragon's Imperial Wrath

Alright as far as this chapter goes in brief, I came-WHAT'S UP WITH THOSE FACES?!

FT: Extreme Disapproval

You didn't let me even finish my sentence! As I was saying, I came into this chapter for some bad-ass ass-whopping delivered courtesy of a Loli, and I was not disappointed. I also had an orgasm of pure fanboyism.

Alright so we started with a scan of the magazine cover advertising the new anime. Then we have the promised color page and OH MY GOD!!!HER DRAGON FORCE LOOKS BEAUTIFUL. I would also like to note, I got the color scheme almost perfect, save her hair and eyes which are now pink. Moving on, so moving on past the stuff about the anime that I couldn't care about at the time as I wanted to see the total ass-whopping this guy is about to get from favorite DS and Loli.

So the fight starts/resumes with Wendy noting that she can feel the voice of the wind and feel the atmosphere's pulse, and that right now all the air was under her control. Then using the increased agility DF grants, (or as I prefer to think, using the air to enable her to fly on the wind) she appears over and behind Ezel, and uses uses a punch powered up with the wind to send him to the ground, then when he turns around, she's gone. She then appears behind him, punches him in the back and combines it with a what appears a drill or pillar of wind which appears to bury Ezel under a pile of rubble.

At this point it looks like Face is starting to crack and shatter. ^.^ Nice.

Next Wendy gathers more air and attempts to finish it with what I conclude to be an improved version Shattering Light - Sky Drill, which Ezel cuts his way out of. -_- He then procedes to slice the wind and goes into full Demon Mode (it appears), and Wendy attempts to use the air as weapon to beat him. He however laughs and points how futile it is, saying there is nothing his blades can't cut. -_-

Okay side note: He thinks he can out cut the wind, which is being used by someone who has complete and utter control of it. This might be my personal opinion on the Wind and Magic but, to me, there exists no finer ever enduring cutting implement in nature than that of the wind, or even more precisely the air itself. If enough Pressure is you can slice almost anything with the air and the wind.

Anyway, Wendy however starts using her magic to continuously curl and wrap the wind and air around him, (which most likely causes an increase in the air pressure) and then pours in more power and then in a feat of destruction that would make any FT member proud, she shatters Face, and for all intents and purposes utterly obliterates Ezel. And the Child-Slicer falls to the Loli. I am so tempted to use an Aizen Gif but, I won't.

Okay, let me get the fanboying out of the way before I move on.


Okay now that that's over and done with. It turns out that Face IS STILL COUNTING DOWN. Well, crap I don't think anyone would have predicted Face would get blasted to pieces like it did and still keep working. And then we a shot of the freak who aborbed Hades soul, and ruined all the bad-ass amounts of fear he gave says that time of Magic is at it's end.

Chapter 378

So, the next chapter opens up with a wonderful and heartwarning color page with Wendy looking absolutely cute and adorable Love . Carla's on it too, but who really gives a me damn? Anyway the chapter opens with a revist to the other fights: Natsu and that guy who's name I can't spell or even remember, who is saying that the Cube is reacting to Face. Gray is still fighting that other guy, and can't seem to be able to touch him with his Ice-Make Magic, who says that is "Soon, Very Soon..." (I'm starting to think this Demon can make himself intangible.) We then return to Sayla....who is still throwing books at Mira..... Disappointed

Seriously? STILL? Come on girl you can do better than that. And still she is actually on Par with Mira.....Okay then the ONLY Logical reason this combat is valid, is that they are Twilight Books. Meanwhile Lamy appears in her psychotic adorable glory and starts to rape restrain Lisanna saying she is her opponent. And Erza and Kyouka continue their fight, and Kyouka says that era of Mages is about to end. Then we get a very emotional scene where Carla says she how and is going to stop Face, and tells Wendy to run, and then Wendy says won't happen and gives a speech that actually brings to tears to your eyes, and they prepare to go out together, and Face self-destructs (yes I pretty much skipped reveiwing this bit, as....well other people have said, it was little random which it was.) And then it turns out Douchbolt appears making himself useful for once and saves Wendy and Carla. get your hands off my Loli you bastard

Anyway I am impressed and satisfied with both chapters. And IF I do chose to do anime reviews, or another chapter review, I will be much less...well like I am right as I currently in a fanboy high. Anyway, Susan I hope you enjoyed how this turned out. Happy

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