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    Alright as far as this chapter goes in brief, I came-WHAT'S UP WITH THOSE FACES?!


    You didn't let me even finish my sentence! As I was saying, I came into this chapter for some bad-ass ass-whopping delivered courtesy of a Loli, and I was not disappointed. I also had an orgasm of pure fanboyism.

    Alright so we started with a scan of the magazine cover advertising the new anime. Then we have the promised color page and OH MY GOD!!!HER DRAGON FORCE LOOKS BEAUTIFUL. I would also like to note, I got the color scheme almost perfect, save her hair and eyes which are now pink. Moving on, so moving on past the stuff about the anime that…

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    Me: All rigth I'm hosting and writing this particular abbridge chapter. And I will admit; quality-wise it's nowhere near as good as Aniki's or Toshi's... But I will get better.

    FT wiki: *turns away to leave*

    Me: Don't bail on me yet! I said quality was bad yes but I feel my humor was quite good! Take it easy on me people, it's my first go, and I still suck at Photoediting.

    FT Wiki: *stays*

    Me: Well can I start?

    Aniki: Just do it.

    Me: Thanks. I couldn't pull of tittle page like I wanted so here is the main bulk:

    Fairy Raven: Yep, I knew Erza relied solely on Plot Armor.

    Me: We all did. We all did.


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    I'm now announcing a forthcoming Pokemon Tournament for this Wiki.

    Like a some other people upon learning that there were Pokemon fans on this Wiki, I decided that I wanted to host a Tournament.

    However mine is a little different than God's and Chaos's, as for in what manner you can check the rules and see for yourself. Another main differance I wanting to see who has the most skill, and the best strategy and planning abilities; so I'm trying to make this tournament as balanced as I can.


    I have given great care to the rules for this tournament and have chosen them in order to make all Battles as balanced as possible, so that even people with few strong Pokemon at their disposal or those with new Game Files can stand a chance. Here they …

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    During the Battle of Fairy Tail, Laxus had his much neglected boyfriend put a Rune Spell around the Fairy Tail Guild Building; that made it so that those who were: Over the age of 80; or a statue could not cross leave the Guild Hall for Magnolia. This resulted in both Natsu and Gajeel for some inexplicable reason not being able to leave the building until after Levy (soon to be a Gajeel fan-girl who strangles kitties while fan-girling:). Seeing as how I've noticed a few people bringing this up recently; I decided to ask a few of my friends for their thoughts on this. And one of my friends put forth this particular one that is a tad different that most of the ones I've seen recently, and it also has some merits which I will point out. The t…
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    Well I am sure a lot of people has realized that there are a few moments in Fairy Tail that seem odd and make you wonder......(I know that I have.) Here is a list of a few things I noticed recently in the series (both manga and anime) that are as funny as they are odd.*

    All right if want funny as hell things in Fairy Tail that make you stop and wonder, this episode is a great example. First off, I enjoyed this in the manga, I though it was really funny. Then I saw the episode, everything was hilarious, from the unveiling of the Rabbit's Identity:

    To Fairy Tail's Reaction:

    All was good, until you get the to the VERY GAY BACK STORY......Anyway, all in all this just makes say hmmmm.

    This chapter, (soon to be an OVA if the rumors are true) has a l…

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