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Toshy Tail~ (Chapter 321 Abridged)

Okay, so do you guys want the good or the bad news?

The bad news is that MDM has apparently retired from abridged blog-making Or so he told me....

The good news is that....I'M TAKING OVER BABY!!!!!!

So, without further ado! Do not ask...

Some person requested that I do something like the Sausage vs Cucumber to pay homage XD

Meanwhile, if things couldn't get any weirder...

We do not supply just everyone...Only weird psychopathic witches...

Yes, Rem has possessed Mavis in order to get close to all these loli's!!

So yeah, that's my weird "humour" in action XD Hope you guys will continue to read the following chapters, dunno why you're reading this one XD

From the amazing Tosh-sama o/

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