Words from the poet

So, I got inspired after reading Jessy's RIP Bee song and I thought I'd post an old poem I wrote back a few years ago when I got locked out of my house for 2 hours xD

Locked Out: (Based on a true story)

Oh No! I've forgotten my keys! How will I get into my house?!

Should I wait for Mum? Should I wait for some tea? Should I wait for the neighbour that has my spare key?

At least I have my notebook And my DS and Pen But my ringtone is ringing from inside my den!

My mother is calling! Oh what should I say? My phone is in the house - locked away!

So I run to the window I run to the door I rip off the handle as I force it to the floor (Yes this actually happened xD I like ran though it at max speed)

I pick up the phone And say to my mum "Call the door people - they still aren't done"


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