Note from the Poet

Another story based of a Chemistry GCSE study Class XD This one will make you laugh!

We all entered Science Lab 3
Another boring lesson for me
But when my teacher came in
Carrying 27 books and some tins
He fell and landed on the floor

A nasty mistake he made
He forgot his chemicals and tray
So as he went to the room
He heard a loud BOOM
And he realized the mistake he had made!

The danger room Science Lab 3
That was it's new nickname for me!
When the teacher came back,
He saw the lit matchhhhhh the fire extinguisher and put out the flames
Poor Mr. Sugden had cleared himself of all shameee
He was hailed as a hero of 27 peopleeee
But no-one apart from us ever knew the incident was his faulltttttt!

The End!

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