A way to improve screenshot quality

So, since there is no new chapter this week (Which means no color blog this week), I thought I'd share a way on how to improve the quality of your anime screenshots! We're gonna take this step by step and I'll have images to help you.

So get your image. For this one, I am using a picture of Pantherlily and the other Exceeds: Before Editing Quality

Step One: Go to Filter->Sharpen->Unsharp Mask and use these settings: Tutorial Step 1
Step Two: Go to Filter->Blur->Surface Blur and use these settings: Tutorial Step 2
Step Three: Go to Image -> Adjustments -> Brightness and Contrast and use these settings: Tutorial Step 3
Step Four: Go to Image -> Adjustments -> Levels and use these settings (Not always the same settings but around those numbers): Tutorial Step 4
Final Step: Go to Image -> Adjustments -> Curves and use these settings (Again, not always exact but around these settings): Tutorial Step 5

And this is my final result: Tutorial After Editing

In 5 short steps, see the difference in the image quality?! I hope this tutorial helps people when editing anime screenshots!

PS: Color Blog will be back on next week with the new chapter!

Amy Chibi ToshiroToshiroFanGirl

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